Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Possiable activity on Bates lane Henry county KY. July 2017

Possible activity on Bates Lane in Henry county KY . A gentleman contacted Rodney Adams about a possible encounter, Rodney then informed me at which time I contacted the gentleman and he describe to me what happen to him. he stated that a friend and he was fishing off of Bates lane in Henry county  KY.  At around 11:30 pm they kept seeing the cattails move as if something large was moving thru them  about fifteen minutes later a large rock that he could barely lift landed half way on the bank , He stated they didn't see anything but something spooky is going on in there. At night you can hear what sounds like little kids screaming for help, He also stated that during the day and night they felt as if they were being watched and at one point he stated that this strange feeling came over  him and he just kept nodding off out of no where.
I'm not going back again that's for sure. Was what he told me.
On September 29, 2013. I conducted an interview of two women that had a visual encounter of a bigfoot crossing Bates lane.
On October 05,2013. Rodney and I conducted an investigation in which we encountered something large and observed at a distance something shaking a tree.
Truly something spooked this gentleman and this warrants another investigation in which the NKBRG will conduct soon