Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 24th and 25th 2017 investagation

Last weekend the 24th and 25th we conducted an investigation in one of our areas that we have had numerous occurrences. The said weekend we had numerous deep guttural growls and heavy breathing and we had objects thrown at us. and several wood knocks and we also had a large something run thru the edge of base camp and as it moved thru whatever it was it was breaking limps as it moved thru. It was a distinct bipedal foot falls we heard. This went on for about 2 hours. As far as video the vegetation was to dense for our night cameras but we able to catch everything on audio which I’m working on right now to post soon.  

Encounter in the late ninety's Trimble county KY

On June 27 2017, I was talking with a gentleman whom I have known for several years at this time the gentleman relayed a story that happen to him in the late ninety’s. He began telling me that late one night he was frog gigging at a pond while gigging he heard something coming thru the darkness breaking trees and when I asked you mean breaking limps and he replied no actually snapping them. Being alone at the pond and being startled he turned off his lamp and waited for what was coming. He stated when it broke thru the brush it stopped and he could hear it breathing heavy then it moved to the pond He stated that there was just enough moonlight to see  it squat at the edge of the pond and drink then stood up and moved back into the darkness snapping trees as it moved off. At which time he stated he got out of there and didn’t go back. The gentleman stated he didn’t know exactly what he saw and heard but it wasn’t a bear.

I have been to the said pond several times years ago and it is isolated back on a farm here in Trimble county KY.