Sunday, January 22, 2017

Steve Winn report 01/21/2017

Since Tom was out in the field last night, and on little sleep today, I figured I'd step up to the plate and give a report on today's investigation.
January 21, 2017 at our bread and butter location:
We haven't been in there since last spring, and it didn't disappoint today. Tom, his son Jacob, and I went in at about 2pm. Rodney was working out of town, and we was waiting on Steve Cornell, but his boyfriend forbid him from going or something.
On the way in Jacob noticed an old junked refrigerator had been moved. It's been there for years...always in the same spot and orientation, but it wasn't like he saw it before. At the gifting area on the crown of the hill, the famous green turtle stuffed animal was gone, and the sock puppet that was last seen shoved into a Y branch at 12 feet high was no where to be found either. The rubber chicken had reappeared, carefully placed in a tree at about 6 foot. There's a long history with the rubber chicken, turtle, and sock puppet disappearing and showing back up at this particular spot. This is also an area where we leave food treats. We made our way in deeper on the other side of the crown. The fallen leaves were thick, but the ground was very soft from the rain we had this we're really looking down before we step.
Right on the old logging road headed down the hill, Tom saw it plain as day. A juvenile footprint in soft ground. The heel is very well defined, and toes are there...nice little left flat foot. Measured at 5.5" x 3" which is right in proportion with larger prints. There's something with little flat feet walking around barefooted in an area where larger flat feet of similar proportion have been casted. This is within 100 yards of Tom's best, up close sighting and the same place where Tom and Rodney had a bluff charge several years ago. Close by was a collection of limbs and sticks stacked within a stand of cedars. We tried to debunk this as dead fall, but it was pretty obvious they were placed. We saw several X's throughout the day that couldn't be reasonably explained either.
On the way down the backside of the hill, Jacob found one of our little chickens left behind at the gift g area in the spring. The little chicken is just a small squeeky toy that sounds like a crow call. It's a small version of the rubber chicken. It was right in the middle of the logging road, and was there for quite some time. It was a good find...located approx 100 yards from where it was last seen. Along the way down the hill, we spotted a 30 foot long by 5" diameter limb thay was perfectly balaned in the Y of a tree. We could not debunk this as dead fall because it would have snapped in two because it would have had to fall from at least 40 feet up and wpuld have snapped upon impact. Upon further investigation, it had obvious signs of being lying on the forest floor. We tried everything possible to debunk, was is was so obvious this limb was placed there. We proceeded down to the end of the small ridge like we always do. There's a very high dollar tree stand at the ridge point that was abandoned after the user got spooked several years ago. They won't even go back to get it....I don't hunt, but it's very high quality and makes for a good observation point.
Along the way between the hill crown and the end of the small ridge, we caught a rock clack, and a knock. We stayed at the end of the ridge for a spell just kind of taking it in. While discussing another strage tree structure, a grunt like sound sound came in from the adjacent ridge to the was close...the next ridge is fairly visible this time of year. Less than 1000 yards.
We made our way out from there with polly 30 minutes to spare before dusk. Jacob and I totally felt like we were being watched on the way out....I kept looking behind us. This place is or night.
We got back to our trucks just before dusk...with a little time to spare. We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we was just standing around reviewing the days adventure and catching up a bit. We were maybe a quarter mile from where we just came, and BAM....a big, loud growl like howl came in from where we just left. Dude, we swung out heads at each other! It was powerful! A few minutes later, another howl, and a small pack of coyotes (maybe 4 or 5) kicked in. Something was going down where we just left 30 minutes prior. Sounded like one was hurt, and the others were trying to scare something away. There was another howl from a ridge over...pretty faint, and they all stopped.
That first howl was close and powerful. The other two was a little further out...but something shut those coyoyes down.
We try to just give you our evidence and let you make your own oponions.
Great day back in the old school area.