Saturday, February 11, 2017

Troutman ,North Carolina 02/2017

Steve Winn
Unexpected class b experience:
I stayed at my 3rd cousins house in Troutman, NC this week because her mother (my 2nd cousin) passed. They have a 3 story house, the basement being a walkout, and her bedroom has a deck on the same side of the walkout. That side of the house sits on a ridge that faces a heavy wooded horrer with a ridge on the other side, prolly 1/2 mile to the other side. In all, there are several hundred acres of prime hunting woods with a creek running betw...een the ridges.
I stepped out of the walkout at about 1am Friday morning to smoke. They are out in the boonies, so it's very quiet at night. From the other ridge I heard several howls coming from 2 different directions, as if they were communicating back and forth....they were definitely not coyotes. After this went back and forth for about a minute, a distinct knock came from the ridge the house sits on. I would say it had to be within 200 yards of the gave me chills. It was bright and clear out m, so I strained my old eyes and ears unsuccessfully to pick up movement. After a few minutes of no reply to the knock, I went back inside and went to sleep.
Since they don't smoke in the house, I knew my cousin had stepped out on her deck over the years at night to do so. So when I mentioned it she said "He'll yeah, I know we have least once a week I'll hear them howl at night from the deck." While outside having coffee with her on the first floor deck at about 8am, we heard a faint return howl responding to her next door neighbors rooster calls. We both looked at each other and she said "was it that?" I said yep, sure enough.
She then proceeded to tell me a story about a kids toboggan that had been laying on the ground off of the walk out patio for weeks. One morning the toboggan appeared on the patio table with a stick stuck thru it, and two other sticks in what she called an "x" shape with the toboggan stick bisecting the "x". She said something to her kids (22 and 17), and they were clueless about it adding "why in the hell would they do that anyway" with a laugh. I had to agree. She had never said anything to them about her suspicions or fear of any squatches, so pranking her was dismissed.
So....this development was completely unexpected. Next time I go back to her house, I'm bringing a voice recorder and taking one of the boys for an exploration hike!