Saturday, February 4, 2017

1985 Kidwell pike ecounter

Today I spoke to a former Trimble County resident who had a class A encounter in the spring of 1985. Mr. Proctor who was thirteen at the time described what happen that spring afternoon.
Mr. Proctor stated at the time he was on Kidwell pike with his two hunting dogs at which time both dogs took off in a deep hollow at which he described as spooky and eerie and would never hunt in the hollow. the dogs began braking as if they had something cornered then all at ounce the dogs began yelping as if something was attacking them, after a few minutes the dogs came out of the hollow and ran passed him at a full run heading home Mr. Proctor stated that he turned to follow them and he heard something behind him and as he turned around and saw a creature coming over the bank of the creek and onto the road and cleared the road in three steps and stopping at a fence on the other side of the road where it stopped momentary and looked strait at Mr. Proctor before placing his hand on the fence an pushing it down and stepping over it and moving thru a field and disappearing. Mr. Proctor described the creature as huge covered with matted hair. He described the face as human covered in hair like a wild mountain man and the head appeared kind of tear shaped and the nose was flat and the eyes had a orange tint, the color of the hair was reddish brown. at this time he turned and ran home and told his mom. Later that year he stated that he was on a ridge behind the barn on the farm and heard the most terrifying screams that he has never heard before. I have research this area on a number of occasions and interviewing several people who have had encounters in the area. even today if you travel down Kidwell pike day or night it is extremely eerie.