Monday, February 20, 2017


May need to use earphones From Friday night notice the one howl while the pack of coyotes going off then at 227.93 the return response { Trimble county KY}

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shapeshifting, telportation and cloaking

So I was talking with my wife the other day about my usual bigfoot stuff. The topic to shapeshifting, teleportation and cloaking. I told her if you believe in this aspect of the bigfoot phenomenon you must believe in the U.F.O. connection. My disagreed. This was her thought process and I thought it was worth sharing.

I told her that the U.F.O connection was the only way they could use technology more sophisticated then what we possess. My wife reminded me that cloaking was a defense mechanism used by many creatures far less sophisticated than us, that, while I was focused on the external use of technology, that I had dismissed the power of the mind. A mind that may be far less advanced then our own, but capable of things we simply are not. There are various chameleon species on our planet that can almost disappear.

I acknowledged this and said ok, but what about teleportation? Surely this is a feet of technology. She again, said not necessarily. Some scientist believe that if humans fully unlock there brains potential, telekinesis would be a possible. There is a tremendous amount of Sci-fi lore surrounding this concept, and through not proven nether is bigfoot, Yet. And if one can control physical objects with there minds, is it a stretch that one could control smaller objects, perhaps individual atoms or even particles at the sub-atomic level. perhaps it is possible to control one's own particles. In effect, teleporting ourselves. I said I cant see a primate doing this. Then she reminded me that primates exist on a different levels. For example a Gibbon, the only "lesser ape" is still a primate like us. So when you have a creature so unknown as bigfoot, we can not rule out its capabilities. If you subscribe to the ancient alien theory, bigfoot was engineered do special things, things unlocked that perhaps weren't unlocked with humans. I said now we are back to U.F.O.s again, she said not necessarily . Many believe that the rotation of the galaxies only bring our "visitors" around every 4000 years, Just because you believe in the ancient alien theory dose not mean we are being visited now.

I said fair enough. What about portals and shape shifting. She reminded me of string theory that basically says that there are an indefinite number of universes that exist simultaneously at any given time. Who is to say that a more advance version of ourselves or even bigfoot dose not exist on another plane or in another universe that creates these portals between plans.

Is shapeshifting so far-fetched. This idea has been used in some of the oldest cultures in the world. Our ancestors didn't lie or make this up. They may have not had the words to describe what they were seeing, and maybe we don't either.

These conversations with my wife are great and she keeps me open to all possibilities. Its worth noting that she believes none of this including bigfoot but has been with me and witness some things she cannot explain. She says she enjoys playing devils advocate and forcing me to think outside the box.
So here's something to think about.....
Do we really know or understand what we are seeing, or are as flawed as our ancestors? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

This is a post I do not enjoy making

This is a post I do not enjoy making. We as researchers think that we are above being hoaxed. That it cant happen to us because we can "spot it a mile away." Well, let me tell you that it can happen to anyone. Yesterday, I posted audio from an email received from a good friend of mine. He was genuinely excited. He has sent me recordings in the past. I posted the audio thinking it had been authentic. I had no reason to doubt him. A while after, I was tagged in a post calling m...e a thief. The audio I posted apparently belonged to a researcher Mike Paterson from Sasquatch Ontario. I cant seem to tag him. Anyway, I stood my ground when this guy called me out, and I was very defensive having been called a thief. Turns out, I was in the wrong. The audio does indeed seem to be stolen. The friend that sent me the audio was also hoaxed as well, and I will be copying and pasting his post he sent me at the end of this. I would like to apologize to Mike Paterson as well as my own followers and fellow researchers. I have certainly learned some humility as well as received a kick in the pants to vet evidence I receive more thoroughly in the future. I sincerely hope that this incident does not undermine your confidence in me and that you will continue to follow my work in the future. Thank you. Here is my friend, Donald W Kaylor's words he sent me earlier regarding the audio.
Hi my name is Don Kaylor from grant county KY i email Thomas Shay Audio Recording's through Gmail I recorded some strange sounds I have never heard in my entire life.come to find out my recording might have been tampered with buy a friend of mine that was playing a joke on me. He gose in the woods with me his name is Shane Owens I think he might have taken my recorder from the location took it to his house and recorded these sounds strange sounds I have all kinds of audio recordings but I never heard anything like this so Tom last night sent me a link to listen to mr. Patterson's audio recordings and it sounded almost identical so I started questioning is it really mine or is it really his so I was thinking what Eles could have happen so I call my friend Shane Owens because he new where I set my recorder.because we were going through the recorder listening to The Sounds he knew right where that sounds were and he said listen to what we have and that's when I said holy s*** that sounds weird did he go get my recorder did he record this off of YouTube I don't know I can't get no answers out of him he won't answer his phone or his Door I'm just assuming that because it almost sounds identical so I'm apologizing to Thomas Shay Rodney Steve Winn from Northern Kentucky Bigfoot research group and I apologize to mr Patterson because it sounds just like the Audio I heard last night but I will find out the truth

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Troutman ,North Carolina 02/2017

Steve Winn
Unexpected class b experience:
I stayed at my 3rd cousins house in Troutman, NC this week because her mother (my 2nd cousin) passed. They have a 3 story house, the basement being a walkout, and her bedroom has a deck on the same side of the walkout. That side of the house sits on a ridge that faces a heavy wooded horrer with a ridge on the other side, prolly 1/2 mile to the other side. In all, there are several hundred acres of prime hunting woods with a creek running betw...een the ridges.
I stepped out of the walkout at about 1am Friday morning to smoke. They are out in the boonies, so it's very quiet at night. From the other ridge I heard several howls coming from 2 different directions, as if they were communicating back and forth....they were definitely not coyotes. After this went back and forth for about a minute, a distinct knock came from the ridge the house sits on. I would say it had to be within 200 yards of the gave me chills. It was bright and clear out m, so I strained my old eyes and ears unsuccessfully to pick up movement. After a few minutes of no reply to the knock, I went back inside and went to sleep.
Since they don't smoke in the house, I knew my cousin had stepped out on her deck over the years at night to do so. So when I mentioned it she said "He'll yeah, I know we have least once a week I'll hear them howl at night from the deck." While outside having coffee with her on the first floor deck at about 8am, we heard a faint return howl responding to her next door neighbors rooster calls. We both looked at each other and she said "was it that?" I said yep, sure enough.
She then proceeded to tell me a story about a kids toboggan that had been laying on the ground off of the walk out patio for weeks. One morning the toboggan appeared on the patio table with a stick stuck thru it, and two other sticks in what she called an "x" shape with the toboggan stick bisecting the "x". She said something to her kids (22 and 17), and they were clueless about it adding "why in the hell would they do that anyway" with a laugh. I had to agree. She had never said anything to them about her suspicions or fear of any squatches, so pranking her was dismissed.
So....this development was completely unexpected. Next time I go back to her house, I'm bringing a voice recorder and taking one of the boys for an exploration hike!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

1985 Kidwell pike ecounter

Today I spoke to a former Trimble County resident who had a class A encounter in the spring of 1985. Mr. Proctor who was thirteen at the time described what happen that spring afternoon.
Mr. Proctor stated at the time he was on Kidwell pike with his two hunting dogs at which time both dogs took off in a deep hollow at which he described as spooky and eerie and would never hunt in the hollow. the dogs began braking as if they had something cornered then all at ounce the dogs began yelping as if something was attacking them, after a few minutes the dogs came out of the hollow and ran passed him at a full run heading home Mr. Proctor stated that he turned to follow them and he heard something behind him and as he turned around and saw a creature coming over the bank of the creek and onto the road and cleared the road in three steps and stopping at a fence on the other side of the road where it stopped momentary and looked strait at Mr. Proctor before placing his hand on the fence an pushing it down and stepping over it and moving thru a field and disappearing. Mr. Proctor described the creature as huge covered with matted hair. He described the face as human covered in hair like a wild mountain man and the head appeared kind of tear shaped and the nose was flat and the eyes had a orange tint, the color of the hair was reddish brown. at this time he turned and ran home and told his mom. Later that year he stated that he was on a ridge behind the barn on the farm and heard the most terrifying screams that he has never heard before. I have research this area on a number of occasions and interviewing several people who have had encounters in the area. even today if you travel down Kidwell pike day or night it is extremely eerie.