Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shelby county KY 2009

On January 9 2017 I received a email and a contact number from a gentleman who resides in Ohio but once live in Shelby county Kentucky in 2008- 2011. After contacting the gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous (name on file) He began to tell me what his family and himself experienced while living in the Cedarmore area of southeastern Shelby county. (this is his own words)  He began to tell me that during the spring 2009 one evening with his family and several friends they had built a fire and was setting around and enjoying the night and around 11:00 we started hearing what appeared to be something in the distance walking around, being surrounded by dense woods everyone dismissed it as deer several hours later after things started winding down we started to pack up that's when  I noticed a figure in the low fire light just inside the tree line ( he stated that the figure appeared to be around seven foot in height and from the out line very broad )as if it was just watching us. Every time when we would try to approach it would disappear in to the woods and then we would have objects thrown at us. Then when we was making it back to the house we could hear it moving along side us at times trees could be heard breaking. after returning to my house and everyone had left . I have to house dogs that cant wait to be let out but that night the two dogs would not leave the house that night. He also stated that several times during the time that he lived there he or a family member would catch a glimpse of a huge figure on the property on a couple of occasions there were we heard some strange howls and large objects thrown at the house during the night  and in 2011 I received a job offer in Ohio and couldn't wait to move. I asked why wait so long to come forward and why did you contact me  he replied really who would believe me and I contacted you because I saw you on TV.  I talked with the gentleman for almost three hours on the phone getting more information on the occurrences that happen during the time he lived there the location in Shelby county name of the owner of the property and contact information of the witness he stated that when or if we get permission to investigate the property he would like to join us to get some understanding on the events. I will be doing a follow up on this report due to the fact that I took notes I took during the interview.