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Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Rocks

Here is the back story on the log with the rocks. One day Tom and I found a single rock balanced on this log. We added another rock. The next time we came in there were 3. The next time after that only one on the log, and one on the ground. The 3rd was gone. I kept trying to put the second rock back on the log and it kept falling off, or at least it kept ending up on the ground. One day we found the turtle shell and added it on top of the single rock. Then, the rocks ended up like this, and the turtle shell disappeared for over a month. We looked in a 100 foot perimeter for that turtle shell on 3 separate occasions, and could never find it. Yesterday, it was back. Before we left last night, Charlie Raymond added a Crow feather underneath the turtle shell and Tom had put the shell on top of the stack. We are eager to see what they do next.
Rodney Adams

Nutella Cast

Year 2017 Date July 2 State KY County Trimble Location Undisclosed Found by Tom Shay and Steve Cornell Documented by Tom Shay   In July of 2017, Tom Shay of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group and another of his research partners, Steve Cornell were working on a method to obtain sasquatch ...

Possible print 12/20/2017

Heres something interesting we found yesterday.
We found a possible trackway but what was interesting while following the trackway  we came upon a large flat rock ledge covered in moss and on the edge appeared to be a imprint of a large foot imprint on the rock ledge. myself and another respected researcher examined the impression in the moss. It dose appear as if something had stepped and flaten the moss  in the shape of a foot. I'm not saying it is but dose appear to be.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Earlier today I posted a photo and asked everyone to tell me  what you see, comment, and I would reveal what it is this evening. Most people saw what appeared to be a figure in the lower left hand corner. That is not the case. This is nothing more than paradelia (the mind seeing something familiar where actually does not exist.). This is nothing more than light reflecting off vegatation. Thats why every video and photo we take is scrutinized a number of times before we post any. Its really easy to convice some people to see something that isn't there. So when you see something in a photo stop and really scrutinize it for yourself. Debunking is an important part of our research and others want results so badly that they will see things that aren't there.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The White Thing

Throughout the years I have talked with numerous people in the county and they would tell me stories about the white thing during the 50's and 60's, and today the topic came up again. It was described as a white or gray colored hairy creature that was bipedal around 6 1/2 to 7 foot tall. and would make its appearence around October to March.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Handmade Bigfoot wreaths

Hey everyone my sister in law can make these hoilday Bigfoot wreaths if you would like to order one contact her at Wicked woodcrafts and decor on Face book or if you want something special made send photo

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A useless endeavor

It is a useless endeavor to try and force others to believe you. One can argue the authenticity of evidence, the integrity of the process, and the honesty and character of the researchers. These can be proven to a reasonable degree of certainty. However one cannot argue the interpretation of the evidence . You can try, but attempting to get others to believe in something like Bigfoot when they have no relatable experience is fruitless and will always end in a stalemate. You cannot make people "believe" your story. Anecdotal evidence is notoriously flawed and has to many variables even with multiple witnesses. The idea to take from this is: Don't sweat it and keep Squatching. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Scott Tackett's second encounter 2002

My 2nd sighting happened in 2002. I was stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA. I was with the 1st Battalion 23rd mechanized Infantry Division. Go Tomahawk' s. I will try to make this short and sweet. We were doing night maneuvers, simulated fire fight.  My platoon Sergeant dropped me off at my location and then he dropped the other person off about a 1/2 mile from me. I was second to the last spot if the simulated bad guys got by the heavy fire fight a 1/2 mile from my location I had my ghillie suit on and I was about 20 to 25 feet off the dirt road in some bushes and I pulled up some moss and covered my body up. I was in a great sniper position. I had been their for about 2 hours when the fire fight started ahead of my position. I never had any enemies make it to may location. I had my night Vision goggles on and started watching the stars and the satellites moving above. I was bored. Lol. About another 1 1/2 hrs. Later I started hearing noises coming from the forest across the road from me but a bit down the road from me. Between myself and the other guy. It started getting louder. I was watching down towards the noises with my night vision on. Then I saw legs I mean big legs. My first thought was a bear. I first thought shit!! I'm going to be possibly mauled by a bear if it finds me. The steps were strong and powerful. Then I saw it was only 2 legs and I thought it was my partner walking back up to find me. As it got closer I saw green lit eyes from my goggles and this thing was huge I mean if you put Andre the giant with the Big Show from WWW wrestling and mixed them together you would get the size of this thing I was seeing. I could hear it breathing and it was sniffing the air. I thought it would find me. But it kept going towards the fire fight and went into the woods. I think it didn't smell me becoz we hadn't had a shower for days becoz of being in the field for 6 days already. I don't talk about it much becoz of being labeled as crazy.

Scott Tackett's Sighting 1987

When I was around 16 or 17 years old I had my first sighting around mid January back in 1987 or 1988. At that time I lived on Warsaw rd. And less than a 1/4 mile from my best friends house. That night we were planning to go out on our small town at that time. From my parents house I could see my BF's house. I was pulling out of my driveway and started driving towards his house, by the time I got to 3rd gear is when I saw it and hit my brakes. What I saw was long brown hair from my cars headlights hitting it's legs and arms. It was running across the road in front of me and when it got to my dad's fence line of his farm I watched it use 1 hand on the fence pushing it down and 1 leg and then the next leg over the fence and run down the hill to the trees. I never saw it look at me and after it got over the fence I stalled my car because I forgot it was in 3rd gear. I hurried and restarted my car and got to my friends house and I ran inside. When they both saw me they asked what's wrong with you? They said I was white as a ghost and I had tears in my eyes. I told them what had just happened and showed them the spot. They didn't want to stay their. When I talked to them back in 2014 I asked them if they remembered  that night they said ohh yes and said they believed me 100%. My 2nd sighting I will type and post it next.

Scott Tackett

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Marion Indiana casting

Unexplanied battery drain

 I'm not one to believe in the woo aspects in Bigfoot research but on the weekend of 10/27/2017, That day we set up our camera system which runs off a 12 volt marine batteries and only run this system during the night time the system will run up to 13 to 14 hours with a monitor four cameras and dvr drive . The day before the investigation all the batteries were charged and checked for a full charge.
On the evening of the 27th I turned on the system and it was running showing full charge on all power indicators the system ran for about 2 hours and suddenly shut down I checked all connections and every thing checked out except that the battery was drained well no problem so I changed the battery and the other battery was drained as well, I keep a battery charging station on hand to charge phones, hand held cameras and such this to was fully charged when we went in but when we tried to charge our phones we had only enough power to charge two phones and with this charging system we can recharge everyone's phones and cameras all weekend three or four times.
Steve Cornell stated to me that after fully charging his phone he had a sixty percent battery drain in just a couple of minutes after charging my phone completely I had a eighty percent battery drain in a matter of minutes the next thing that happen was I tried to start my four wheeler and the battery was drain on it.
After arriving home I placed both batteries on the charger and plugged the charging station in, the next day after everything was charged I set up the camera system up as I did in the field the system ran none stop for 12 1/2 hours on one battery and 13 hours and 17 minutes on the other battery the charging station was charged and still has a full charge and no starting problems with the four wheeler. we have had this happen on a couple of occasions in all type of weather conditions in this one area. I have no explanation on what cause this. Some will say it was caused by the cold weather but we have used this system in colder weather and extreme heat of the summer with no problems. There are those who say that its paranormal and could be and there could be some logical explanation and this is something that we will conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of this phenomena

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Does Bigfoot migrate

There's been a great deal of speculation regarding the migration of bigfoot, and I would like to weigh in on my thoughts.  We will take the state of Kentucky as an example. Due to the fact that I have researched Bigfoot for at least twenty years alone in Kentucky and I have observed migration patterns in the bigfoot population
First, we must understand the different types of migration. The different types of migration are
seasonal, nomadic, removal, reproductive, complete, irruptive migration

The most common type migration is seasonal. there are two types of seasonal migration these two types are altitudinal and latitudinal migrations.   Altitudinal migration occurs when animals move to higher elevations in warmer weather and back down to lower elevations in colder weather.
Latitudinal migration occurs when animals move south in the fall and north in the spring.

Nomadic migration occurs when animals leave an area in search of food.  Grazing animals such as elk, bison, and wild cattle are a few examples.

Removal migration occurs when a population migrates and does not return. The most common cause is habitat destruction from disasters such as fire, flood, and human encroachment causing the area to be unable to support food, water or shelter. Also, if the population in the habitat area becomes over-crowed, this will cause a population to locate somewhere else.

Reproductive migration occurs when animals locate to a habitat needed to bear there young in a safe area from predators. Also, the young might requires a different type of habitat that varies from one age to another.

Partial migration occurs when only a small part of the population leaves the area and the rest stay behind. In truth, some animals adapt to the area with milder winters and cooler summers. Other factors may cause some species not to relocate south for the winter or north for the summer.

Complete migration occurs when all the population leave the area during specific season.  These groups usually travel long distances and return to their habitat

Irruptive migration is the unpredictable movement of some of the population to leave the area at different times and distances. this sometime happens during the stress of famine, overpopulation of the area or by some odd  influence.

Hibernation is a form of migration the animal will find a den and go into a deep sleep, saving its energy until warmer weather or the return of a food source.

During my time in the field researching the bigfoot phenomenon here in Kentucky all these have applied to bigfoot at one time or another.  Seasonal migration occurs during the extreme heat of summer. The bigfoot moves into the deep hollows and valleys to escape the heat, and during winter months they move to the higher ridges and foot hills for the warmth of the sun. Nomadic migration has occurred when sometimes the food source becomes diseased, dies off, or becomes completely exhausted, and it makes sense that a bigfoot would move place to place in search of food.  Removal migration has happen in many of my areas of research.  We would have abundance of activity until areas are flooded out after extreme rain fall, forest fire, homes being built, or extreme logging. This drives the bigfoot out of an area not to return.  Reproductive migration--I do believe that the bigfoot will relocate to a secluded area or safe haven to give birth and teach there young until a certain age.

Partial migration likely occurs in the winters in Kentucky becoming more milder and the abundance of food and water and the extensive cave system we have it is more likely that some bigfoots would migrate and others would not.

 I noticed complete migration occurring in the early years that I have researched. There have been times that an active area would go dormant for months and then suddenly become active again. This would happen at specific times and years.

Irruptive migration is very common.  Bigfoots are like humans in the sense that if an area gets contaminated by something dangerous we move. The same can be said in the bigfoot world if the ecosystem is stressed the area becomes unlivable so a bigfoot must move on to another suitable area.

Being a researcher, I have my own opinions.  I believe that Bigfoots here in Kentucky have adapted to the environment with reports of different colors and lengths of hair--short in the summer months and long in the winter months. With eyewitness statements of gray, white, black, and reddish brown hair, this make the bigfoot able to blend into it natural surroundings. There are reports of bigfoots venturing close to human dwellings taking pet food, raiding freezers of meat, and using abandoned buildings and barns for shelter. There are some that will say that you don't get many reports in the winter, and that's true. However, you must understand that we as humans hate the cold and don't venture out as much as we do in the warmer months. We must take into account that the habits of these creatures keeps changing from year to year. I have seen this thru my journals and experience in the field over the years. I believe they are learning and over-coming obstacles to survive in the changing times. It makes sense not to migrate long distances when you are less able to be spotted. In other environments, greater migration may be needed, but here in Kentucky, we have a climate that is more flexible with varied food sources available at all times of the year. At one time we humans used to migrate long distances  in search of warmer climate and food sources until we had to adapt. Bigfoot may be more like us than we care to admit. Thankfully, with deer available year around, fish from rivers that rarely, if ever freeze, and crops, we are able to observe these magnificent creatures year-round.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

June 18,1962

Originally published June 18, 1962

'The Thing' Eludes Hunt In Trimble

Farmers Report 3 Sheep Killed, Dog Slashed; No Trace Is Found

Friday, September 12, 2014 11:00 AM
SEEING IS BELIEVING: Lawrence McDowell, son of Trimble County Farmer Lester McDowell, holds his father’s sheep that was attacked and cut on the head by an unidentified animal believed to have been “the beast.” Three other sheep owned by McDowell were previously found dead from attacks.
SEEING IS BELIEVING: Lawrence McDowell, son of Trimble County Farmer Lester McDowell, holds his father’s sheep that was attacked and cut on the head by an unidentified animal believed to have been “the beast.” Three other sheep owned by McDowell were previously found dead from attacks.
"The Thing" is still at large in Trimble County, Ky., but it is believed to have been flushed out of the Kidwell Pike area northwest of Bedford and moved into a section five to six miles southwest of Milton.

According to a report today from Trimble County, the alleged beast has at last resorted to killing livestock.

Trimble County Sheriff Curtis Clem said he didn't know what the next step would be, following a five and a half-hour unsuccessful search for the mysterious animal Saturday night.

The sheriff's party combed the Kidwell Pike area Saturday from about 7:00 p.m. until after 12:30 o'clock yesterday morning.

It is believed their quarry was flushed out of this section of the county as the result of activities of hunters and a sharp increase in automobile traffic at night with accompanying headlight glare.

During the weekend the sheriff was told that a beagle hound owned by Earl Grant, who resides at the foot of Craig Creek Hill, was found dead with its throat ripped and other cuts on its body.

Lester McDowell, a resident of the same neighborhood, reported three of his lambs had been killed since Wednesday. His son Lawrence told a Courier reporter that two of the lambs had ripped throats, heads were crushed and all blood had been drained from their bodies. A fourth had been found injured but was still alive.

One of the animals was found Thursday, another Friday, the third Saturday and the fourth yesterday.

An attack by dogs was discounted due to the manner in which the lambs had been killed.

The lambs incidents occurred at a point about five miles east of where "The Thing" had allegedly been seen last week, which led to belief that it had moved out of its former place of concealment.

McDowell had not reported his first losses earlier because he has no telephone and had no occasion to make a trip to town until Saturday.

A number of farmers contact by The Courier representative were asked opinions as to why the strange animal had for the first time resorted to killing live stock, although it may have been in their area for the past two or three years.

All though the viciousness results from Owen Powell having sicked his dogs on it and it may have been wounded, also that hunting activity and auto headlights may have been a contributing cause.

There is no general agreement that a dangerous animal of some kind is at large in the county.

June 16 1962

Originally published June 16, 1962

Trimble County Sheriff To Lead Search For Beast

Police Dogs, Helicopter, Posse To Be Used In Animal Hunt Today

Friday, September 12, 2014 11:00 AM
WALKIE-TALKIES FOR BEAST HUNT — Sheriff Curtis Clem checks portable radio equipment with state trooper John Miller (in police car) in preparation for today’s all-out hunt for “the thing” that has residents of northwest Trimble County scared. The sheriff has asked all persons desiring to join the hunt to register with him since vicious dogs will be used that could seriously injure anyone not in the party. Radio units are being provided by the Madison Radio Service here.
WALKIE-TALKIES FOR BEAST HUNT — Sheriff Curtis Clem checks portable radio equipment with state trooper John Miller (in police car) in preparation for today’s all-out hunt for “the thing” that has residents of northwest Trimble County scared. The sheriff has asked all persons desiring to join the hunt to register with him since vicious dogs will be used that could seriously injure anyone not in the party. Radio units are being provided by the Madison Radio Service here.
There is some form of animal still loose in the northwest part of Trimble County-be it a gorilla, bear, lion or large dog- no one seems to know for sure, but many are sure something is there that doesn't belong, and they want it eliminated.

With this thought uppermost in mind, Sheriff Curtis Clem is leading an extensive search later Saturday for "the thing," as Trimble County people seem to refer to it.

"We'd like to get it alive if possible, or dead if necessary. But we want to be sure he's removed or run out of this area," the sheriff said today. "These people are scared and they want action," he added.

So a large number of men, equipped with keen eyes and rifles powerful enough to drop almost any kind of beast that could prowl this area, will set out sometime later today to see if the trail of the beast can be found, and if it can be capture or killed.

A helicopter overhead will aid greatly in following the animal at high speed should it be flushed from the dense undergrowth.

A gang of seven highly-trained vicious police dogs will accompany the hunt. They will be brought by a special dog trainer from Louisville, who offered the services of his dogs when he first saw the reports of the beast in his newspaper.

Many people seem skeptical and wonder why it isn't seen more than it is. But others point out that the ground being roamed by the beast is wild territory, and that it could be hiding in deep caves protected by large rocks, or could be nestled in the dense thickets.

Sighting reports continue to be turned in to Sheriff Clem. The latest story comes from Mrs. Derrell Corley, who lives on the Kidwell Pike. She said that sightings of a beast were not a new thing to members of her family. She said that about three years ago some type of an animal would lurk in the weeds and high grass and thump along after her children when they went for the cows. "It made all sort of weird noises," she said.

About this time the Corley family was raising a garden containing melons. "We'd never get a whole melon before that animal or whatever it was, would get to it. It looked like a human hand had scraped the heart out of each melon," she said.

"One time my daughter Mary went to the garden, and looking up saw a black thing that looked like a small monkey or chimpanzee standing in a corn row. As some other children were coming, she looked first to the kids, then back to the spot, and the beast had disappeared," she said. Later that year similar reports came from Patton's Creek, only a few miles from the Corley place.

Most common among the sighting reports of the beast are stories that it looks like a chimpanzee or a gorilla. Some prints in the mud that had been found were taken to a Hanover professor and were termed those of a large dog. But the prints were found near a spot where the beast is believed to have been. The prints could easily be those of a dog, and still not the prints made by the beast.

Up to the present time there were still no further reports of either personal injuries or animals being killed since the early report of the death of a calf. But the sighting reports continue, and as do reports that dogs return to farms with every indication of having been in a vicious fight.

Sheriff Clem hopes the best hunt today brings the good news that the beast is no more, and that Trimble County residents can go back to living a normal, safe life.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Trimble county KY library Bigfoot presentation 10/03/2017

Trimble county KY library Bigfoot presentation 10/03/2017

Why some people associate Bigfoot with UFO'S and The Paranormal ETC....

Why do some people associate Bigfoot with UFO'S and the paranormal?
I was asked the question. Well, in my opinion, there are more people who believe in UFO's and the paranormal than bigfoot. Think about it.  If you met two people, and one said I saw a Bigfoot, while the second person stated he saw a UFO or ghost, whom would you be more inclined to believe?
If you throw a ghost or an alien in the Bigfoot story, some might be more inclined to listen.
I believe that there may be extraterrestrial life, and in my life time, I've seen unexplainable   apparitions. However, I've seen nothing of this nature associated with bigfoot reports or sightings.
As a researcher, I have to keep a open mind to all things, but I need scientific evidence.  For example, there are photos circulating from a novice researcher claiming that aliens are coming out of a cargo hold of a spacecraft greeting a bigfoot. I have been asked about this photo by dozens of people after enlarging and enhancing the photo. It is nothing more than a train at night moving down the tracks,  and there were many people out there who believed it was real until I showed them the enhanced photo. The researcher just posted the photo to boost his/her popularity and for financial gains. (It is a pay to view site).
The same goes for cloaking and portals. This my opinion. I believe it is just a ploy to increase popularity, social media hits, and monetary gains. So if you believe that UFO's and other paranormal events are related to bigfoot, look for scientific evidence, please. It is difficult enough for legitimate researchers to be taken seriously.   

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Possiable activity in research area

September 26 ,2017 At 11:45 pm I received a text from a witness . She stated that There is some 'weird growling', dogs raising hell and that's been going on for about 30-45 minutes.
I don't want to disturb my husband and I can't see anything but thought you might want to hear about it.
This morning September 27,2017 Steven Cornell and myself arrived at the area and began to conduct an investigation. looking for any evidence or signs of activity of the prior night. We walked in and at first we didn't find any evidence or sign we continued searching when we came upon one of our  squeaky toys we had attached to a tree limb still attached but place in a odd position. Steve and myself tried to figure out how it came to be place and came up with any conceivable explanation

Then upon further investigation we observed new tree twist in which we could not debunk


 Upon leaving we found another one of our squeaky toys that we had tied to a tree limb around two months ago stuffed into a fallen tree
This was all we found I plan on spending this coming weekend in the area day and night to see if anything makes a reappearance   

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Comming soon

The NKBRG will have a exhibit of our evidence on display around January in Somerset, Kentucky

Monday, September 25, 2017


Cliff Barackman
Another excellent and anatomically congruent cast in the collection of Tom Shay from KY.
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Buff charge footage notice

I have been getting several emails and text messages to show the footage of our buff charge on 09/19/2017 I can not due to the filming of the documentary. So stay patient we will inform everyone of its release Thank you

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New Marion Indiana sighting

On Saturday September 16 2017 at around 11:00 pm I was contacted by a individual. She stated to me that her boyfriend and she had just seen what appeared to be a Bigfoot. I asked if we could met that night or early the next morning and they agreed to meet that night. I met with them at the Madison Indiana Walmart. They explained that at between 8:30pm and 9:00 pm they where driving north on old Michigan rd. south of New Marion Indiana, When they spotted this large monkey like thing stand up in the grassy area along the road inside the fence area of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge cross the access road then drop back down on all fours and disappeared. I ask if they could take me to the location they agreed we then drove to the area on old Michigan rd. and they both point to the area where it stood and crossed the road. I wasn't able to look for any evidence due to not having access to the area at this late hour. I feel confident that these two people did indeed see something, Also I have to take into account that there has been several bear sightings in this area but they did say it stood up and crossed the road and then drop on all fours. and monkey like appearance bears don't look like monkeys. I have interview several witness in the surrounding area and conducted several investigations and out of all the reports they either state they saw a gorilla or monkey like creature.
I will investigate in the area futher and conduct a follow up

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Rant

Its a shame that you work 30 years researching collecting evidence and someone use's your name and evidence to gain popularity and says they are an expert in the field I know for a fact this person has no field experience and makes wild assumptions. and stop telling people that you know me to gain access in to my areas. I worked hard getting the respect and trust from these landowners and don't keep pressuring them to let you research the area when they tell you that I already have permission. and as for my evidence you where not there when I collected it. Now I ran into couple of these a**holes yesterday on my own property setting up trail cams and when I ask them what they where doing they informed me they had permission from the owner. I informed them that I was the owner and to get the H**l off my property. So I'm giving notice to all the novice want to be researchers If you use my name to gain your fame or popularity I will expose you and if you use another researcher or organization name I will contact them and expose you to them

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A terrifying night in the woods

Tonight September 19/2017, Rodney and Mandi Adams, and the filming crew met me at one of our research areas to begin filming our documentary. Immediately after arriving we heard a vocal which was captured on audio, so at this time we moved into the area and set and began filming all seem pretty quite until I was panning my night vison recorder in he darkness when I happen upon some eye shine and called everyone over so everyone could witness the eye shine off in the distance . We decided to walk in further to show some evidence and a partial print which we had collected earlier. it was at this time when something began to smack rocks then then began vocalizing and shaking a tree violently then it stop. We all froze peering into the darkness trying to get a good look at what ever it was. Rodney then picked up to rocks and mimic the rock smacking, and it responded back smacking rocks vocalizing and violently shaking the tree again in a aggressive behavior. At this time I decided it was time to back out of the area. While we where moving out of the area what ever it was kept following us out, We reached the area where we had set up at feeling safe the filming crew need to go back to there vehicle and get new batteries so Rodney walked the out leaving Mandi and Myself in the area it was at this time when what ever it was let out a vocalization and charged Mandi and myself. at this time I held firm and did budge and it backed off . When Rodney and the film crew returned we were harassed for an hour having items thrown at us. at times at around 12;30 am the activity stop we decided to call it a night. I will return tomorrow to the location and search for any evidence. This was a night that was terrifying but rewarding the whole incident was filmed.    

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hand print

Cliff Barackman
Excellent Sasquatch hand cast collected by Tom Shay in Trimble County, KY. Morphology is congruent with other samples from other times/places.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cryptidcon 2017

September 9th and 10th 2017. We were invited guest of Cliff Barackman at
@cryptidcon in Frankfort KY

Friday, September 8, 2017

Print 09/08/17

This Morning I hit some of our research areas and placed our new trail cams with the remnants of hurricane irma which will impact our area in the following days. Maybe we might catch somthing. One area which we call the bone yard an area in which Rodney Adams and myself was ran out off I placed a trail cam and found this print in the area, I only found one I didnt have any casting material but made a Temporary shelter to protect the print so I can go back and cast.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief

To all my Bigfoot research friends here in Kentucky and everywhere, its time to stand together put the word out  victims of hurricane Harvey are in need of relief, check with your local red cross or vist The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) to see what help you can give if its just a few dollars or by giving blood, you can also check with your local Kentucky Kroger stores and see how you can help. These people are fellow americans and are in need of our hel

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My daylight sighting 08/11/2017 Bedford KY

On 08/11/2017 at 4;30 pm ,While traveling south on US. 421 with my family at 2.4 miles out of Bedford KY. at which time ahead of us this figure crossed US.421 from east to west  and over the guard rail and down the bank with such speed and agility, when I reached the site of the crossing and looking down into Town Branch creek it was still standing in the creek bed. It stood over 6 feet the hair was long and  matted and unattended what one would call messy bed head hair, the color appeared patchy dark reddish brown with some bright red orange. Now as I was paying more attention to it instead of the road I almost ran off the road. After gaining control of my vehicle I found a place to turn around and proceeded back to the spot at which time the figure we saw was gone. We have investigated and documented several reports of sightings and encounters in this area. Charlie Raymond of the KBRO documented a encounter in the same area a few years ago.
I'm returning on 08/12/2017 for a follow up on any evidence found 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Eclipse research

On 08/21/2017 I will be conducting research on the behavioral impact of the eclipse in one of our habitation areas.   since its well known these type of events lead in changes in behavior in both domesticated and wild animals,it stands to reason that the event may cause a change in Sasquatch behavior. This is the only time we will be able to gather this kind of information  for this kind of event and I'm not gonna miss it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Possiable activity on Bates lane Henry county KY. July 2017

Possible activity on Bates Lane in Henry county KY . A gentleman contacted Rodney Adams about a possible encounter, Rodney then informed me at which time I contacted the gentleman and he describe to me what happen to him. he stated that a friend and he was fishing off of Bates lane in Henry county  KY.  At around 11:30 pm they kept seeing the cattails move as if something large was moving thru them  about fifteen minutes later a large rock that he could barely lift landed half way on the bank , He stated they didn't see anything but something spooky is going on in there. At night you can hear what sounds like little kids screaming for help, He also stated that during the day and night they felt as if they were being watched and at one point he stated that this strange feeling came over  him and he just kept nodding off out of no where.
I'm not going back again that's for sure. Was what he told me.
On September 29, 2013. I conducted an interview of two women that had a visual encounter of a bigfoot crossing Bates lane.
On October 05,2013. Rodney and I conducted an investigation in which we encountered something large and observed at a distance something shaking a tree.
Truly something spooked this gentleman and this warrants another investigation in which the NKBRG will conduct soon

Friday, July 21, 2017

Examining evidence

Evidence is something we are extremely cautious before posting. We spend hours if not months studying and discussing evidence.  This includes castings, photos, and audio.  There is evidence that hasn't be released due to the fact we can not explain the evidence. We receive photos and audio from people who ask for our opinion and we try to give them the right answers and sometimes it get pretty nasty, but not always.

When we review our photograph and video evidence, we scrutinize every piece.  For example, last year, one of our trail cams captured a photograph of what appeared to be of a dark figure squatting in the foreground. Steven Cornell and I went to the site and recreated what we saw in the photograph. We took several photos at the same distance and height.  Steven even posed in the recreations just like it was in the photo.  After reviewing the recreations, the photos didn't match up to the one on the trail cam.  We repeated the process over and over again. Then we started to see the terrain  didn't match up. Next we checked the trail cam, and we found that the zoom was on high.  What we were seeing in the photo was a small root sticking out of the ground. By going thru this process we got our answers and debunked the original photo.
The trail cam was on high zoom the root  was 40 feet away the root was only 2 inches above the ground
The same scrutiny applies to castings.  There are castings that we haven't released. We carefully photograph, measure, and inspect all prints.  we also measure the track way.  This takes a considerable amount of time. Then, there's the process of making sure its not hoaxed. After the casting has dried, I begin the long process of taking measurements again, checking for hair and any deformities, and cross referencing to other prints taken in or around the area.  I also sketch the print and catalog by date, time, and location.

When audio evidence is collected, it is listened to over and over again.  Any vocalizations are cross-referenced to the known wildlife in the area.

Video evidence is the most time consuming.  Sometimes, we have hours of video evidence to review, and it takes up to a week.  This is reviewed many times.  Time is spent recording time stamps on paper to view more closely, then recovering the time stamps of importance, and finally reviewing these again to eliminate things that can be explained.

As I said earlier, we have evidence that we will not release until it has been thoroughly and rigorously investigated.  We do not jump to conclusions. This should be the first rule of collecting evidence and we would never release evidence that has alternative explanations. This how the NKBRG collects and examines evidence.  Everyone has their own way of collecting evidence so lets try and be courteous.  


Sasquatches, ticks and Lyme disease

Recently  I was asked a question from  Mr. Kevin Geyman, and this is what he asked.
 (Hey got a question to ask and see what you know about this. Since the sasquatches have hair all over them. What about the ticks since deer and other mammals get them. Then if that's not all if they contract Lyme disease just like the other animals. It was just some thoughts.)
Now, since there has never been a body discovered and no scientific evidence has been documented on this hominid, this is just mostly theory and opinion.  I do believe that sasquatches do become infested with ticks and lice just like all animals and contract diseases like Lyme disease. Think about it. When ticks infest a host, they cause irritation of the skin, erratic behavior, pain, and fever.  There have been countless reports of sasquatches having patches of hair missing, and, in some cases, they exhibit  erratic behavior that could be caused by fever and/or joint pain. This is only my opinion.
We must also remember primates conduct social grooming between members of their species. It is called “allogrooming” with the purpose of removing parasites and for hygiene.  Since sasquatches are hominid, they may also conduct allogrooming to remove ticks, lice, and any other parasites.
It is said that the natural resistance to ticks is because of animals' abilities to respond in a natural and immunological fashion. It stands to reason that with the stimulation from tick bites, it is possible the body will trigger a release of histamine from dermal mast cells at the site of the bite which would lead us to believe sasquatches are immune to parasites such as ticks and lice infestation. We must also take into consideration the  tick-resistance by skin thickness, coat type, coat color, hair density, and skin secretions.
Certain animals such as mice who doesn't suffer from Lyme disease are carriers. So it would seem in theory that sasquatches may not suffer from the disease, but carry it. So there is no correct answer until a body is discovered.

I admit that I do not always or even often know the answer to questions like this, so I do research like anyone else. This information was taken from the following sources:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 24th and 25th 2017 investagation

Last weekend the 24th and 25th we conducted an investigation in one of our areas that we have had numerous occurrences. The said weekend we had numerous deep guttural growls and heavy breathing and we had objects thrown at us. and several wood knocks and we also had a large something run thru the edge of base camp and as it moved thru whatever it was it was breaking limps as it moved thru. It was a distinct bipedal foot falls we heard. This went on for about 2 hours. As far as video the vegetation was to dense for our night cameras but we able to catch everything on audio which I’m working on right now to post soon.  

Encounter in the late ninety's Trimble county KY

On June 27 2017, I was talking with a gentleman whom I have known for several years at this time the gentleman relayed a story that happen to him in the late ninety’s. He began telling me that late one night he was frog gigging at a pond while gigging he heard something coming thru the darkness breaking trees and when I asked you mean breaking limps and he replied no actually snapping them. Being alone at the pond and being startled he turned off his lamp and waited for what was coming. He stated when it broke thru the brush it stopped and he could hear it breathing heavy then it moved to the pond He stated that there was just enough moonlight to see  it squat at the edge of the pond and drink then stood up and moved back into the darkness snapping trees as it moved off. At which time he stated he got out of there and didn’t go back. The gentleman stated he didn’t know exactly what he saw and heard but it wasn’t a bear.

I have been to the said pond several times years ago and it is isolated back on a farm here in Trimble county KY.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Think about it

Heres something to pounder shaquille o'neal was 7'1" and 325 pounds and a shoe size of 23 inch also wilt chamberlain was 7'1" and 225 pounds with a shoe size of 151/2" did any of these athlete have six ' stride. shaq and wilt chamberlain were all 7 foot tall basketball players athletic men who moved well... not just a 7 foot slob in the woods. As you can see both men had different feet size. Also this quote from a respected educator I known for years think about this.. humans were fully bipedal 3.5 million years ago.. look at the volcanic ash track.we were fully bipedal when we had a brain no bigger than a chimp..  we are the most bipedal ape.. long legs short arms nice arch in our foot to help with walking.. designed to walk..we would have the longest stride in proportion to our height of any ape.... a bigfoot would have no longer or marginally longer stride length in proportion to his body.. and too long a stride would hurt locomotion...A normal six foot man's walking stride length is 2.5 feet, or 30 inches do the math

Friday, June 9, 2017

Investagation June 08 2017

June 08 2017 at approximately 8:30 pm Myself and Rodney arrived at the area where numerous reports of activity have been reported not including evidence we have collected from the area and on several investigations we have conducted Ourselves and team members have had objects thrown at us and harassed at times during the night by something. Last night as Rodney and myself arrived and set up to observe and record audio just right after dark we heard a long howl which was captured on audio. after the sun set it became extremely pitch black visibility was around 10 foot. as we sat and listen we heard what appeared to be something moving around us and then it gave out what sounded like someone clearing their throat or grunt. It was about an half hour later  I decided to do a low whoop and right after I did this there was a load snap of breaking wood then an object came flying in at us and landed close to Rodney and what ever it was began moving away from us. we listen until we couldn't hear it anymore. We stayed and observed and listen for a while longer and had no other activity so we decided to pack it up and head home. This morning I was reviewing the video that Rodney did on face book  live and observed some eye shine I will be working on enhancing the video and try to post soon. We are planning another weekend investigation in the area in the coming weeks.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Carroll County Kentucky April 29 2017

I received this by email...... live on 83 acres in Carroll County.  It's an Amish built house so we have a generator. One night last winter, my daughter and I were trying to start the generator and there was just an overall creepy feeling. It was creepy enough that we were both carrying.
First we heard something hit the barn--now admittedly, that could have been my miniature horse kicking the wall... But later we heard what sounded like a loud, very close, wood knock. And a few minutes later we heard another one a little closer. We decided to forget the generator and go on in the house.
First of all, I don't think this is enough evidence to say that we have a Bigfoot on our farm. But that along with some questionable howls I've heard some nights is enough to make me wonder.
I guess my point to this is, are there any other "sightings" or other evidence close to me? And what do I need to look for?  We have a game camera and I've thought about putting it out but I'm not sure if I want to see what it finds.   Honestly, this has made me somewhat uncomfortable. We sometimes have a feeling of being "watched" especially at night.
I hope you don't think I'm some sort of "nut case."  I'm just somebody trying to figure out what's going on. Thanks in advance for your help.   She is not a "nut case"  I have investigated several reports in this area and collected evidence.