Sunday, October 23, 2016

A seven year olds sighting

On October 22 2016 I conducted one of the hardest interviews ever. Yesterday a local mother contacted me and asked me to listen to her seven year olds story.
After meeting the mother and having her tell me the story I set down with the child and asked the seven year old to tell me what he saw. He told me he had seen a hairy thing while playing outside it was crossing the field out back and it stopped and looked at me.
I asked the seven year old what kind of clothes did it have on and the seven year old replied it didn't have any clothes on it was all black!
I then asked how do you know it looked at you, the seven year old replied it stopped walking and seen me.
I then asked what did you do, the seven year old replied I was scared and ran and hid until it was gone.
Then I asked him did anyone else see it, the seven year old replied  no but I told my mom.
I was shown the location the child point out where the black thing had come from and where it stopped.
After seeing the area and location there is a small group of woods an open field adjoining another group of woods . Apparently this happen between the hours of 1pm and 3pm.
The seven year old is far more mature for his age and the details of what he saw isn't what one would make up. The identity and location has been kept confidential by the request of the parents
The parents stated that he has never mention anything like this before. Working with young children is truly hard separating fact from imagination but in this interview the seven year old truly believes he saw something.