Friday, October 7, 2016

October 5 2015 investagation

At our Trimble county library presentation October 3 2016.  A gentleman show Rodney and myself some very compelling trail cam photos . in the series of photos that were set to take a photo one minute apart, as the photos started it shows a doe feeding in  front of the camera as he moved thru photos it was at the third photo there appears to be a large gray bipedal figure in the frame and on the fourth it was gone. since then the Northern Kentucky research group have copies of the photos at which is at this time is being analyzed. We also did a recreation at the same exact location and photograph it to compare with the photos.
On October 5 2016 I met with the gentleman at his farm and upon taking with him he stated that this is a recurring event at about the same time each year. He also stated that he and his family had seen the huge figure standing at the edge of his corn field he described the figure as very large and gray standing like a man swaying, he also stated that that after the sightings they would go and check the edge of the corn field and find that ears of corn were taken off the stalk and placed in a piled. He also stated that on numerous occasions that something had come in his garden and taken his watermelons and cantaloupes with the vines still attached He also stated that they have found large footprints in the garden. He showed me the garden and his house is quite away from the road and the garden further and if someone was stealing from the garden they would have a pretty good hike. on one occasion the gentleman stated that one night as he was heading in his bedroom he noticed what appeared to be a silhouette of a large head outside the window from the security light as he moved toward the window it moved away he stated that he went out side to investigate and saw nothing but the next morning the flowers under the window was pressed down as if something was standing there. I check the window and measured the height at the bottom of the sill to the ground which measured 6 foot 5 inches. He also stated that early in the mornings as he is in the feed building rocks are thrown landing on top of his building. The gentleman also stated that he has a Neighbor that had rocks thrown at them from the wood line.  The gentleman is sincere in what he has told me and has granted us permission to do more investigations on his land and to inform us of any more occurrences