Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Morgan County , Indiana

I received this today 02/10/2016 And after talking with him on the phone, He was truly sincere in his account of what he had seen as a teenager, As we talked he stated that over the years in this location he and other family members had encounters. We will meet in April in Morgan county Indiana to discuss the other incidents.

Mr. Shay . I grew up in Morgan County in Indiana on observatory rd. which is just over from goat hollow rd.
       I've had a few weird/odd encounters growing up there as a kid. The first was at the observatory when I was around 13/14 yrs. old in 1981/82 summer time, evening, sun was low at the time but plenty of light. Me and two friends were at the observatory we were setting on top of a small building/ yes we were on top of the roof. It has a frame behind the building that lets the roof slide off so we used to climb the frame and get on the roof. Kids stuff. Anyway we were setting on the roof talking and heard something walking in the woods to southeast of us. We actually thought it was one of the guys  that was on the roof little brother coming to spy on us. So we hid on the back side of the roof and when the steps got close to us we jumped up and yelled ya know to scare him. Kids stuff again. Well it wasn't his little brother walking I can tell you that for sure. It was real big, black and
 was on two legs. When we jumped up and yelled we scared it and it took off like a rocket running. You couldn't make out any features because it was in the woods but you could get glimpses as it passed small openings. It knocked a tree over which we just heard but couldn't see because it was headed down a ravine so it got below our line of sight..
   Our response was when we saw whatever it was, was we froze, scare to death, we jumped off the roof and ran back to where I lived. I'm an avid deer hunter and have hunted in that area all my life but if I hunt up there I always have an uneasy feeling of being other place I hunt gives me that..
  The other two odd things involve a really loud howls and a whistle.