Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We were the second group called on a sighting

At 2:35 am on 08/15/2016 I received a call from a couple who had thought they had a sighting. Being a Researcher it sometimes becomes necessary to go out late at night to investigate sightings and interview the witness or witnesses while the data is fresh and not contaminated. You see we were the second research group that was contacted by the witness the first group from my understanding blew them off and informed them they probably just saw a deer and hung up on them. All reports should be taken seriously and how can anyone make a determination on what one saw on the phone with out investigating ,and YES sometimes the reports come to be nothing but you have to get off your butt and investigate. that's how we learn critical information. We want the witness to contact us the  researchers and tell us what they saw or witness, sometimes we are like social workers helping some of these witnesses come to terms of what they had just witness. I personally investigate and interview all reports that come in.  If I cant I will pass on the information to the researchers in the area who I  have confidence and great respect for. So if you just going to start a research group seeking attention and fame by conducting arm chair research and not conducting research in the field or following up on reports it will not happen the Bigfoot community will weed you out. And for the researchers who take this research seriously and do what it takes to get the data I thank each and everyone of you. So many young people have taken an interest in our research and look up to us as honest and truthful role models.