Friday, July 15, 2016

Sighting of gray creature

July 14 2016 Three hours after getting home from our overnight Investigation, An acquaintance of mine who wishes to stay anonymous, was pounding on my front door as I opened the door he said dude you need to come now I asked why what's up , He said it back behind my house I just saw it. I asked him what did you see at which time he stated that he was in his back yard and saw what at first was somebody at the wood line so he yell at him at which time he got a good look an noticed it was not a somebody but something entirely not human.   He begin to described the thing he saw to me it was covered in gray hair and it stopped several times swinging his arms at some crows which appeared to be swooping in and attacking it. before it disappeared back into the woods. The witness kept insisting that we hurry to the area. I informed the witness that I would investigate the area on Friday due to being up 24 hrs. with little sleep and exhausted from heat and would not be able to conduct an investigation right then and there with a clear head. So we decided to meet on Friday. After arriving at the area today 07/15/2016 The witness and myself proceed to the place where he had seen the creature at the site we did a recreation and to the height of the creature just at around seven foot  clearly found a track way and followed it for about half mile before being forced out by lighting and rain. I will be returning tomorrow 07/16/2016 with the witness to continue the investigation.