Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 11th 12th Trimble investagation

Investagation in southwest Trimble County KY December 11th ,12th 2015

On December11th ,2015 Myself and Patty O Neal arrived at the investigation site at 1:30 pm at which time we began setting up base camp at around 8:30 pm we received to wood knocks. between 9:30pm and 10:00pm fellow researchers TJ and Shelia arrived at which time we heard one long and deep vocal from south of our location and then there was a reply a high pitch vocal which came from the southwest of our location , this was repeated again then the coyotes began yelping then all was quite rest of the evening . during the day a print was found measuring 15 inch's long and 6 1/4 inches at the ball of the print and 5 inches at the heel of the print. which was photographed and recorded
Saturday the 12th Rodney Adams ,Steve Winn , and Reva McManis arrived the area was investigated and several odd structures was documented and investigated by Steve , Shelia and myself . Saturday night several possible vocals was heard but nothing definitive as of yet.
we had cameras rolling both nights at which time I'm currently reviewing  and will post after reviewing
The area has a history of documented sightings and another investigation of the area will be scheduled at a latter date