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Trimble county ky investagation 09/19/2015

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Morgan conversation park-Oldham county KY

On September 24 2015 Rodney Adams received a email of a encounter that happen at the Morgan conservation park in Oldham county KY. In February 2013 I Casted several footprints measuring 17 inches long, Here is his story
That’s fine you may document the case. I don’t mind anonymity but I’ve never really been shy about talking about it. I knew they were real before our trip to Morgan that day. We had a few crazy encounters at Bernheim deep in the forest starting back in 2012.... They were yelling at us in a bestial native type of language as well as breaking trees and lobbing rocks at us. One time I felt a shock wave almost like one of them stomped on the ground super hard. We were on their trail there for a few weeks then they seemed to move on and the encounters stopped. I’ve never seen one up close, just seen movement through trees in the distance, but I know for a fact nothing else could explain the encounters we had except for a group of sasquatches. Just the tone of their vocals you could tell was like a wild beast with a voice, but they had a language that was almost Native American sounding. Apparently they are exactly half human though if the current dna studies are correct, which would make sense. They have our Mito DNA but the nuclear is completely different. Pretty nuts but very interesting.
Yes I had a significant encounter there with my buddy back in Feb 2014, it was cold out and we were the only people there. Pretty nuts because I have had a few encounters before at Bernheim forest before that, but that was the first time I went to Morgan and I’ve been there about 5 or 6 times since then but haven’t had anything really happen since then. They were definitely vocalizing at us and doing wood knocks. The knocks sounded similar to ones I’ve heard at Bernheim too, almost as if they are banging something hollow against a tree. One of them flanked us and started whooping as well. I tried to talk back to them but it just seemed to aggravate them more. We tried to go find them even but they would never let us get too close.