Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Stuff Toy July 16 2015

We haven't been in our research area since May 26 2015, But on July 16 2015 I entered in to our area to collect and replace SD cards and change batteries in our trail cams and place some new ones and to hang two cloves of garlic, Recently Rodney received a email from  Tracey Huntley in reference to us placing some garlic cloves as gifting items as garlic is used as a insecticide when rubbed on the skin.
Upon entering the area I always check on the stuff toy that we have placed in a tree, On this trip I noticed that the stuff toy was missing ,Ok no big deal we had some nasty weather this week and it probably was blown to the ground well I couldn't find it and I started working on the trail cams and when I started to hang the garlic in the tree right above me at around 13 feet I found our stuff toy it had been moved a hundred yards and placed high in this tree.
The area was washed out no track way could be found the peanut butter jar we had attached to the tree was gone. while checking the trail cam that faced towards the tree it

read 174 photos and upon downloading the SD card the card was blank. New trail cams were placed in discreet locations we will return in about a week and check the trail cams.