Monday, July 13, 2015

Bear in Carroll county KY 07/13/2015

Researcher in Carroll county KY captured this black bear on her trail cam.We sent photos to law enforcement officer to get his opinion and he stated that it appears to be one to him. Rodney and myself agree but needed a second opinion

The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park , JULY 4 2015

 The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park  we camp there all the time and a couple of years ago my husband, friend and my boys were out riding on a trail way way out there had rained HARD all week everything was a muddy mess so my friend and I decided to stay at camp that day and go do laundry well the guys went on to ride and got poured on all day they stopped on the trail under some trees to take a break and they heard what they described as a woman screaming help they yelled back and ask if she was ok only to hear no response a few moments later they heard it again so they yelled to ask if she needed help then there was silence and all the sudden they said they heard what sounded like trees falling and could hear knocking like wood on wood . They were kinda freaking out by this point and started one of the bikes up and revved it up to try to scare what ever it was away then they said they could hear what sounded like heavy footsteps scuffling through the woods coming towards them from the rocks where the heard the screams but the never saw anything... needless to say they didn't stick around to see what was coming towards them but I believe it was a BF ... I did a little research and the whole setting was perfect for the BF they could smell a musty smell it was wet damp and secluded .
Shared with the permission of Candice Hamblin