Monday, July 6, 2015

Ivel KY July 03 2015

Ivel KY

July 03 2015

On July 03 2015 my wife and myself was on our way to Pike County KY, as we drove thru Ivel KY we stopped at a little store to look around as we were looking a gentleman stopped me and inquired about my shirt. (That day I was wearing my Bigfoot shirt with our logo)  He asked me was I one of those people who hunt Bigfoot and I replied I’m a Bigfoot researcher He stood there and looked at me at this time I was expecting to be ridiculed instead he asked if I had a moment I said sure as we moved down to the end of the counter The gentleman began telling me of an incident that happen to him and a friend back in November 2014 while deer hunting

He stated that last November him and a friend was hunting up on Ivy creek and that morning they hadn’t seen any game I was in my deer stand and my friend was on the opposite side of the ridge in his deer stand it was around 10 am when I heard something coming around the ridge when it appeared I thought it was another hunter giving up for the day  but as it got closer it   appeared to be covered in fur and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip and as I was watching it come towards me it stopped as if it had seen me or got my scent it snorted loud then turned and disappeared down the mountain I’ve seen bear and it wasn’t no bear

I packed up and headed over to where my friend was in his tree stand and told him as to what I saw we both headed to where I saw this thing standing and I’m 6foot one and where this thing was standing it had to be at least over 7 foot and the path this thing took down the mountain there is no way me or my friend could of gone down, after that day I have never been back

We talked for a little longer and he stated to me that he has hunted around Ivel KY since he was a boy and would have told anyone that there is no such thing as hairy monsters in the woods but now he’s not sure what to think. Let me tell you a little about the gentleman he is in his late 40s well spoken skilled hunter He wanted his name kept confidential

Now the reason I stated this was an interesting story was that he mention (and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip)  This is something that no one would make up unless it was actually seen