Friday, January 16, 2015

Deer skull in tree at gifting area

wood knock during taping and some thing messed with our Tee Pee

January 16 2015 Field Report ( Research Area )

January 16,2015

Today Rodney Adams and I entered our research site for the first time since January 1 2015, just a routine check of any signs of activity.A little ways in We both noticed a possible structure, as we was investigating the structure I informed Rodney that something large had moved through the area, as we followed the trail we came upon a print, after documenting and photographs taken we proceed in at which time we clearly heard what appeared to be a wood knock, Rodney did a wood knock and immediately we received a response back ,Rodney did a couple of more and every time a return response it appeared to mimic Rodney if he did two wood knocks we would receive two back, if one wood knock one response this lasted for around 15 minutes then nothing total silence we waited for another 10 minutes not having no more activity we proceeded to the old gifting site, Which appeared not to have any activity until we spotted the deer skull that was wedged in the fork of a tree that we gift in. Now this deer skull has been in the gifting area for over a year its been placed in several different areas of the gifting site and at on time we had discarded the skull down in the valley away from the gifting area only to have it  return and placed back in a certain spot, We phoned Tim Pierce and Travis Knuckles who are also team members and asked if they had placed the skull in the tree and there answer was no..The fork of the tree is at around 7 1/2 to 8 foot from the ground, after documenting and taking photos, we proceeded to our new gifting site and the place where we constructed a tee pee structure upon arriving we came across a X structure that had been constructed on the ground and a new log had been placed and one was taken down and placed in the center of the Tee Pee. Rodney and I began video taping and during the taping we received a wood knock which surprised us both immediately after taping, we waited for any more activity and suddenly something with a lot of mass ran threw the wooded area trees snapping and breaking and after a few minutes we heard what appeared to be a low short howl.
Rodney and I placed ourselves in different locations and for about an hour we sat and observed and not having any other activity, We decided to head back to the skull and video tape a segment Upon arriving and I was sitting up to video tape Rodney s  synopsis of the deer skull and out of know where  a whoop which sounded not more than a hundred yards behind us, this was loud
 and clear and both of us did hear the whoop it was clear and loud. after scanning the area and not detecting anything we proceeded with the video and shortly after exited the area, we will return with rest of the team at a later date I will return Sunday and possibly Monday to collect more evidence,