Friday, July 24, 2015

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM SIGHTING

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM
Location - State road 3175 (Sulfur Bedford road)
 Conditions- Fair 70 deg humidity 72% winds east at 2 miles an hour
 I received a call from a local young lady the first thing she said was I saw Bigfoot and in the sound and tone of her voice apparently she had seen something I asked her to tell me what she saw
The young lady stated that her and some friend were driving east on state rd 1375 which is Sulfur-Bedford Road here in Trimble county around 8:47 pm and along the side of the road along the tree line it was standing there and it then turn and went towards the little Kentucky river  and disappeared I asked her what color she stated Reddish brown then I asked her about how tall see thought it was she then stated I don’t know but it was huge  then I asked her was there any other witness  she stated my friends were in the car and seen it to then I asked for the exact location and she described on the north side of the road just before you get to the Sulfur dam and that was about all she could tell me and I asked her if I needed to contact her for more information could I call her she said yes
Within 45 minute I proceeded to the  area  and  began to monitor the area until around 3:00 am and called it a night The Sulfur Valley has a history of sightings as far back as the 70 s Rodney and myself have fished in this area and heard some gnarly vocals the area is really creepy in the wee hours of the night

This afternoon Rodney and myself conducted an onsite investigation of the area after walking the area we believe we found the area were the young lady had her sighting  and addition  we also found a large pile of scat with corn and across the road is a corn field with a section that was stripped with the heavy flooding we had a few weeks ago the vegetation was laying flat and the ground was hard with our weight we couldn’t make a single impression in the ground  we will keep an eye on the area    We will be interviewing the witness’s in person