Friday, July 24, 2015

July 23 2015 Trimble County Sighting Investagation (SYNOPSIS)

July 23 2015 Trimble County Sighting Investagation

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM SIGHTING

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM
Location - State road 3175 (Sulfur Bedford road)
 Conditions- Fair 70 deg humidity 72% winds east at 2 miles an hour
 I received a call from a local young lady the first thing she said was I saw Bigfoot and in the sound and tone of her voice apparently she had seen something I asked her to tell me what she saw
The young lady stated that her and some friend were driving east on state rd 1375 which is Sulfur-Bedford Road here in Trimble county around 8:47 pm and along the side of the road along the tree line it was standing there and it then turn and went towards the little Kentucky river  and disappeared I asked her what color she stated Reddish brown then I asked her about how tall see thought it was she then stated I don’t know but it was huge  then I asked her was there any other witness  she stated my friends were in the car and seen it to then I asked for the exact location and she described on the north side of the road just before you get to the Sulfur dam and that was about all she could tell me and I asked her if I needed to contact her for more information could I call her she said yes
Within 45 minute I proceeded to the  area  and  began to monitor the area until around 3:00 am and called it a night The Sulfur Valley has a history of sightings as far back as the 70 s Rodney and myself have fished in this area and heard some gnarly vocals the area is really creepy in the wee hours of the night

This afternoon Rodney and myself conducted an onsite investigation of the area after walking the area we believe we found the area were the young lady had her sighting  and addition  we also found a large pile of scat with corn and across the road is a corn field with a section that was stripped with the heavy flooding we had a few weeks ago the vegetation was laying flat and the ground was hard with our weight we couldn’t make a single impression in the ground  we will keep an eye on the area    We will be interviewing the witness’s in person  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Stuff Toy July 16 2015

We haven't been in our research area since May 26 2015, But on July 16 2015 I entered in to our area to collect and replace SD cards and change batteries in our trail cams and place some new ones and to hang two cloves of garlic, Recently Rodney received a email from  Tracey Huntley in reference to us placing some garlic cloves as gifting items as garlic is used as a insecticide when rubbed on the skin.
Upon entering the area I always check on the stuff toy that we have placed in a tree, On this trip I noticed that the stuff toy was missing ,Ok no big deal we had some nasty weather this week and it probably was blown to the ground well I couldn't find it and I started working on the trail cams and when I started to hang the garlic in the tree right above me at around 13 feet I found our stuff toy it had been moved a hundred yards and placed high in this tree.
The area was washed out no track way could be found the peanut butter jar we had attached to the tree was gone. while checking the trail cam that faced towards the tree it

read 174 photos and upon downloading the SD card the card was blank. New trail cams were placed in discreet locations we will return in about a week and check the trail cams.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bear in Carroll county KY 07/13/2015

Researcher in Carroll county KY captured this black bear on her trail cam.We sent photos to law enforcement officer to get his opinion and he stated that it appears to be one to him. Rodney and myself agree but needed a second opinion

The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park , JULY 4 2015

 The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park  we camp there all the time and a couple of years ago my husband, friend and my boys were out riding on a trail way way out there had rained HARD all week everything was a muddy mess so my friend and I decided to stay at camp that day and go do laundry well the guys went on to ride and got poured on all day they stopped on the trail under some trees to take a break and they heard what they described as a woman screaming help they yelled back and ask if she was ok only to hear no response a few moments later they heard it again so they yelled to ask if she needed help then there was silence and all the sudden they said they heard what sounded like trees falling and could hear knocking like wood on wood . They were kinda freaking out by this point and started one of the bikes up and revved it up to try to scare what ever it was away then they said they could hear what sounded like heavy footsteps scuffling through the woods coming towards them from the rocks where the heard the screams but the never saw anything... needless to say they didn't stick around to see what was coming towards them but I believe it was a BF ... I did a little research and the whole setting was perfect for the BF they could smell a musty smell it was wet damp and secluded .
Shared with the permission of Candice Hamblin

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 07 2015

This morning I met with fellow researcher Reva Mcmanis from Carroll county as she want to show some interesting castings she had done from a remote area along the Kentucky river after the river had receded from high water the prints measure 9 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide. with her permission I am posting the photos.
 possible dermal ridges

Tracks along the muddy river bank

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ivel KY July 03 2015

Ivel KY

July 03 2015

On July 03 2015 my wife and myself was on our way to Pike County KY, as we drove thru Ivel KY we stopped at a little store to look around as we were looking a gentleman stopped me and inquired about my shirt. (That day I was wearing my Bigfoot shirt with our logo)  He asked me was I one of those people who hunt Bigfoot and I replied I’m a Bigfoot researcher He stood there and looked at me at this time I was expecting to be ridiculed instead he asked if I had a moment I said sure as we moved down to the end of the counter The gentleman began telling me of an incident that happen to him and a friend back in November 2014 while deer hunting

He stated that last November him and a friend was hunting up on Ivy creek and that morning they hadn’t seen any game I was in my deer stand and my friend was on the opposite side of the ridge in his deer stand it was around 10 am when I heard something coming around the ridge when it appeared I thought it was another hunter giving up for the day  but as it got closer it   appeared to be covered in fur and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip and as I was watching it come towards me it stopped as if it had seen me or got my scent it snorted loud then turned and disappeared down the mountain I’ve seen bear and it wasn’t no bear

I packed up and headed over to where my friend was in his tree stand and told him as to what I saw we both headed to where I saw this thing standing and I’m 6foot one and where this thing was standing it had to be at least over 7 foot and the path this thing took down the mountain there is no way me or my friend could of gone down, after that day I have never been back

We talked for a little longer and he stated to me that he has hunted around Ivel KY since he was a boy and would have told anyone that there is no such thing as hairy monsters in the woods but now he’s not sure what to think. Let me tell you a little about the gentleman he is in his late 40s well spoken skilled hunter He wanted his name kept confidential

Now the reason I stated this was an interesting story was that he mention (and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip)  This is something that no one would make up unless it was actually seen