Monday, June 1, 2015

Investigation report 05/29/2015

On 05/29/2015 The NKBRG team consisting of Rodney Adams,Tim Pierce ,Steve Winn and myself   packed up and headed to meet up with Chris Paige founder of the  Bigfooters of Southern Kentucky We arrived at about 1:30 pm and proceeded to the location ( To protect the site the location will be omitted ) , upon arriving at the site we conducted a walk Thur of the area and immediately we found tree structures at which time we documented and studied as we carefully walked along the logging road we noticed a clump of hair hanging from a barb on a fence. the hairs was blond in appearance and approximately 16 to 20 inches long. After questioning Chris if there was any animals such as horses or cattle of this color in the area Chris replied not to his knowledge ,Chris did state that there was a horse but not of that color, after examining the area we found the horse and it did not match in color.
We took a sample of the hair strand of said hair which was stiff and course to the touch like piano wire ,Tim Pierce and Chris Page documented the retrieval of the remaining hair by photo and video and placed it in evidence collection envelopes which will be sent off for testing.
We continued to investigate the area at which time I pointed out to the team a flat rock that had been placed on a fallen tree standing upright this also was documented and photos taken we then continued on to the gifting site.
After arriving at the gifting site we scouted around and found a good location for base camp,  Tim and Chris started placing  audio devices deep in the woods and Rodney and Steve and myself began running cables and placing the cameras in four direction from base camp and one camera focus on us in base camp then Tim and Steve placed three motion sensors at three points of entry, while we was busy setting up we would receive a wood knocks now with base camp set up it was time to test and twerk the equipment cameras was first and after that Rodney, Steve and myself began the checks on the motion sensors ,Rodney and Steve walked to each sensor and I stayed in base camp to relay it they set off the sensor the first two was working fine the third well Rodney and Steve couldn't fine the sensor where it was placed after some time they found the sensor it had been torn from the post and tossed to the ground now the sensor was held in placed by 100 mph tape and upon careful examination noticed that the tape was torn in a different place on the tape, this sensor was not but 200 yards from base camp, the sensor was re-position and tested all now left to do was wait for dark.
Tim and Chris at this time took off to explore after about a hour the two came back to base camp excited they had found some prints not more than a few hours old the area the prints were found was investigated hours earlier both left again and set off to cast said print. After said print was cast Chris had to leave and stated he would return in a few hours.
Around 9 pm Shelia and T.J arrived and 20 minutes later Chris arrived after the greets and showing our camera system and what had happen Throughout the day we relaxed and keep watch on the monitor then we heard something large moving  South of base camp Tim and Myself eased out of base camp in the direction of the movement while standing on the edge of base camp I whistled and immediately we received  a low grunt and for about 10 minutes with every whistle we received a low grunt at this time I asked Sheila and T.J to join us after making another whistle out of nowhere A object was thrown and smacked my Durango  and you could here what ever it was punching through the leaves of the trees and hitting with such force the the sound was loud enough that Rodney in base camp ask did you do that Tom and I answered  it wasn't me then another object was thrown and landed in the clearing with force enough to make a load thud.and at about that time Steve yelled Tom something ran in front of camera 2 at which time the sensor alarm went off.We stood there scanning the darkness with night vision hoping to catch what ever it was that had thrown the objects and passed by the camera to no avail well things seemed to quite down and the object throwing stop.
We returned to base camp and discussed what had happen by this time Chris needed to leave Tim ,Steve and Shelia and T.J walked him out,
On the way out Chris suddenly became deathly sick and sweaty which didn't last very long he recovered quickly after Chris left in his car and headed down the road he contacted Shelia and informed her that he saw something large cross the road.
After the team returned to base camp everyone was sitting around and talking and  Rodney had retreated to his chair at which time another object was thrown into base camp not more the 10 foot in front of him and another motion sensor went off.
right after that we began receiving whistles and wood knocks for a few hours it was very tense then the activity seemed to die off and it was quite for a while I nodded off for a while awaking later while talking to Steve,Tim and Shelia I noticed that the atmosphere in the area had change and mention it to the few team members who were still awake and a few minutes later a loud wood knock not more then 100 yards away was heard and off in the distance a long and loud mournful howl was heard after that the rest of the night and morning was uneventful
The evidence collected will be sent off for analysis and the videos will be reviewed painstakingly and after all the evidence is reviewed we will share our findings with Chris Paige founder of the  Bigfooters of Southern Kentucky
 Big KUDOS to all who took part in this investigation one tense and scary night
Thank You