Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Follow up on Martinsville IN June 19, 2015 report. (More to come)

Email I received today from the witness of the Martinsville, IN June 19, 2015 report.
The Investigators stopped by yesterday while I was working on the property.  I showed them the new house build site (where the first activity was), but they were unable to hike up the hill to the site of the second activity.
The Investigators  mentioned 'structures' and it called to mind what I thought was either left over from a hunter's blind or from kids playing- within eyesight of where I was clearing the fire pit there is a structure- a branch laid parallel to the ground, maybe five or six feet high, placed in the branches to two trees, with about five or six stick stacked along by one end (as if someone had been making a pup tent out of branches and gave up early on).
I gave them permission to come on to the property at dusk/night, and they said that they had younger guys who would check on things up the hill and maybe place some trail cameras.
This Afternoon received a Email from the Investigators 
We're still getting our guys together. Some work in the evenings and have to plan ahead a few days.
We are going over for a few hours tonight to see if we hear any howls or knocks. I'll let you know what happens.
 Forgot to mention - yes-- we are almost sure he has something hanging out on his hillside.
After the Investigation the names of the researchers will be released as for now the Investigators do not need any outside interference in there work