Thursday, April 2, 2015

NKBRG Field report march 31 2015

Field report march 31 2015
On 03/31/2015 Rodney Adams and myself entered our habituation site, As we entered the area the atmosphere was filled with a dark and eerie presence we could feel but not see, As we continued on our we found our path was barred by tree limbs being placed across the path and a new structure had been placed several feet next to the path, this is not uncommon, we have encountered this same exact behavior in this location for several years. After investigating and documenting the evidence we removed the debris and continued on. After walking another 200 yards we came among a small cedar tree laying across the trail upon investigating we found that the tree had been snapped off at the bottom and a track way of footprints leading to the tree this also was documented and then we continued on until we reached the tree where we have a stuffed animal of a turtle which over the two years has been moved several times and placed back this time we noticed that the stuffed animal was on the ground we then immediately checked the area for any other signs of evidence after finding some impressions in the ground which could not be made out clearly so Rodney placed the stuffed animal back into the tree.
At this time we continued to the gifting site, What we found was that the peanut butter jar was opened and the seal punched thru and what appears is finger tips that scoped out some of the peanut butter and a can of vienna sausage was opened and the contents eaten and the can placed on the ground and the pull top placed next to the can. Then we scouted around the area and discovered a print which was at least over a week old do to the condition of the print this was photograph and measured .
Now what happens next is really strange Rodney suddenly becomes weak and drain of all physical strength and had to sit propped up against a tree for at least a hour and recovered as nothing ever  happen. So we began to replace the SD cards and batteries in our trail cams.
We pulled out our viewer and reviewed the footage on the game cams as we were reviewing Rodney pointed out that the toy rubber chicken ( squeaky toy ) that we had taped to the tree was in the first five frames but after that it was missing, Rodney and myself reviewed the frames over and over again and still did not see where or what had taken the rubber toy, Little story on this rubber squeaky toy it was placed on my farm last spring at which time it disappeared for about a month and three months later appeared in the fork of a apple tree so we collected the squeaky toy and placed it in the gifting area taped to a tree a half mile from my farm and left, we return a week later to find it missing at this time the team consisting of Rodney Adams Tim Pierce and Travis Knuckles and myself conducted a through search of the area and it was not to be found. A month later when we returned it was placed in the tree were we gift at. again we taped it to the tree and now its gone again.
Back to the report as we were sitting and listening we heard some strange sounds coming from the valley then we heard what appeared to be a bad imitation of a crow call that went on several minutes and quit then it became silent and we heard a vocal off in the distance, a hour passed it was quite so Rodney wanted to try a new approach and move the trail cam placed lower to the ground and pointed it in another direction in which was filmed and documented we also placed new gifts and proceed out of the area. We will use discretion when we return due to the spring turkey hunting season