Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Georgia vocals and Report 1/2/2015

Todays date 1/7/2015
Date of encounter or sighting 1/2/2015

Name: jay parmer

Contact information   on file
Email Address:  on file

location of sighting/encounter Polk co Ga.

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place 7:40 pm
What was the weather conditions 40s light wind

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. just been hearing unexplained yells,screams behind my camper across the cedar creek and got in on audio after nights and nights of trying.

Were there any witness yes my mother and neighbor

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? no

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous no im ok with people knowing my name

These vocals were recorded by Jay Parmer of Georgia