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December 11th 12th Trimble investagation

Investagation in southwest Trimble County KY December 11th ,12th 2015

On December11th ,2015 Myself and Patty O Neal arrived at the investigation site at 1:30 pm at which time we began setting up base camp at around 8:30 pm we received to wood knocks. between 9:30pm and 10:00pm fellow researchers TJ and Shelia arrived at which time we heard one long and deep vocal from south of our location and then there was a reply a high pitch vocal which came from the southwest of our location , this was repeated again then the coyotes began yelping then all was quite rest of the evening . during the day a print was found measuring 15 inch's long and 6 1/4 inches at the ball of the print and 5 inches at the heel of the print. which was photographed and recorded
Saturday the 12th Rodney Adams ,Steve Winn , and Reva McManis arrived the area was investigated and several odd structures was documented and investigated by Steve , Shelia and myself . Saturday night several possible vocals was heard but nothing definitive as of yet.
we had cameras rolling both nights at which time I'm currently reviewing  and will post after reviewing
The area has a history of documented sightings and another investigation of the area will be scheduled at a latter date

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Martinsville In 11/30/2015

Received this from the comment section
 Martinsville Indiana
we just had a 2nd "encounter" . I grew up, and parents still live within a couple miles of this site, across hwy 67, up in the wooded hills of goat hollow road. My wife and I have had now two un-explainable encounters in those woods. I have traveled this country sea to shining sea for backpacking, hunting, and fly fishing as well as practically living in those very woods growing up. There is something there, and it has grabbed our atte...ntion. I have been within 20 yds. of whatever it is in the dark of night, sending our full grown St. Bernard jumping over a 5 ft. fence in a B line to the house. While I was trying to approach this "thing" I could hear and not see, it put on quite the audible display; "howling", breaking large branches and shaking trees as I deployed the bayonet on my Russian M44 (it was the only gun already outside). We have found foot prints and the broken branches/trees, never full visual. Last night, the 2nd encounter, I tried to approach on foot again in the midnight woods upon hearing sounds, this time with my wife. Trying to simulate it's sounds we were able to get it to respond numerous times as we heard it moving through the woods. To shorten this up, I am an avid woodsman/outdoorsman and I heard sounds that I have never heard before. This sent a feeling through my body that a grizzly bear didn't even come close to. I'm hooked, and we are putting up some trail cams.

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Find the local Bigfoots with Kentucky Squatch'n

Reva McManis believes she saw Sasquatch in Trimble County two years ago and sought the help of two local BigFoot investigators Rodney Adams and Tom Shay

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kentucky Squatch'n

My personal copy of Kentucky Squatch'n sign by Carrollton KY author Reva McManis
Available on Amazon

Discussion on Kentucky Squatch'n 10/15/2015

Large turn out last night at the Carrollton KY library, lots of questions and personal stories.

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orb 2

orb 1

Trimble county ky investagation 09/19/2015

 Watch in this area

Morgan conversation park-Oldham county KY

On September 24 2015 Rodney Adams received a email of a encounter that happen at the Morgan conservation park in Oldham county KY. In February 2013 I Casted several footprints measuring 17 inches long, Here is his story
That’s fine you may document the case. I don’t mind anonymity but I’ve never really been shy about talking about it. I knew they were real before our trip to Morgan that day. We had a few crazy encounters at Bernheim deep in the forest starting back in 2012.... They were yelling at us in a bestial native type of language as well as breaking trees and lobbing rocks at us. One time I felt a shock wave almost like one of them stomped on the ground super hard. We were on their trail there for a few weeks then they seemed to move on and the encounters stopped. I’ve never seen one up close, just seen movement through trees in the distance, but I know for a fact nothing else could explain the encounters we had except for a group of sasquatches. Just the tone of their vocals you could tell was like a wild beast with a voice, but they had a language that was almost Native American sounding. Apparently they are exactly half human though if the current dna studies are correct, which would make sense. They have our Mito DNA but the nuclear is completely different. Pretty nuts but very interesting.
Yes I had a significant encounter there with my buddy back in Feb 2014, it was cold out and we were the only people there. Pretty nuts because I have had a few encounters before at Bernheim forest before that, but that was the first time I went to Morgan and I’ve been there about 5 or 6 times since then but haven’t had anything really happen since then. They were definitely vocalizing at us and doing wood knocks. The knocks sounded similar to ones I’ve heard at Bernheim too, almost as if they are banging something hollow against a tree. One of them flanked us and started whooping as well. I tried to talk back to them but it just seemed to aggravate them more. We tried to go find them even but they would never let us get too close.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kentucky Squatch'n

Kentucky Squatch'n
Thu 6 PMCarroll County Public LibraryCarrollton, KY
Come and join us for a discussion on Kentucky Squatch'n with fellow researcher and author Reva Sharlene McManis who will be present for a book signing of her new book Kentucky Squatch'n, Rodney and myself will conduct a discussion on Bigfooting in Kentucky

Kentucky Squatch'n
by Reva Sharlene McManis
Link: http://amzn.com/1516988531

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Trimble County KY 08/30/2015

I am officially no longer a skeptic. My mom dad sister boyfriend best friend and I we're coming home and about a mile away from my house there's a pond and there was a big hairy black thing standing up.. so we turned around and went back to see what it was and we saw it crouch down themn stand back up and started to run to us.. pretty sure I saw my first Bigfoot...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

08/21/2015 Grant county KY

Today’s date 08/22/2015

Date of encounter or sighting 08/21/2015

Name: Don

Contact information- confidential on file
Email Address: 
confidential on file

location of sighting/encounter-  behind my house in Dry Ridge KY

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place   3:30 am

What was the weather conditions-   clear moon shining

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event.-     me and my wife was sitting outside smoking a cigarette when I heard a strange noise in the cornfield and then we turned the lights off and me and my wife saw this up right figure walking threw the field it had to been about 7 feet tall because there is a drop off about 3 to 4 feet it was pretty scary

Were there any witness   two- me and my wife

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication-  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation?-  yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous   ( i would like to have someone come out and look at this it was crazy night)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

07/16/2015 Trimble county KY ( Report )

Todays date 08/01/2015

Date of encounter or sighting 07/16/2015

Name: confidential
Contact information ;

Email Address:

location of sighting/encounter ; confidential

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place
1:45 AM

What was the weather conditions Cool right after the flooding

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. Around
1:45 am
My wife and myself and my two older sons were setting in the yard talking my two sons had stop by and was helping me with the storm damage. we were sitting in the yard due to the power outage and all of sudden their where these three loud and terrorizing screams it scared my wife and myself to the point my sons took some flash lights and climbed the hill where we heard the screams after some time they came back not finding anything we talked about what we heard it must of been a half hour later and we heard the screams again on the adjacent side of the hill. I talked with a friend about what we heard and he told me to get in touch with you and let you know of what my wife and I heard

Were there any witness My Wife and two sons

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous yes


On 08/01/2015 at  5:15pm I contacted said witness  as we talked he stated that he was 62 years old and had lived in the Trimble county area for the last fifteen  years  He also stated that he had watch some of the Bigfoot shows finding them amusing until the morning of 07/16/2015 The witness also stated that what heard was the same screams or yells as on those Bigfoot shows  and then he stated this  I swear to Jesus as my savior what I’m telling you is the truth as to what I heard. I have no reason to doubt his word we have had several reports from this area He also invited us to come out and investigate the area

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 23 2015 Trimble County Sighting Investagation (SYNOPSIS)

July 23 2015 Trimble County Sighting Investagation

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM SIGHTING

Trimble county KY July 23 2015 8:47 PM
Location - State road 3175 (Sulfur Bedford road)
 Conditions- Fair 70 deg humidity 72% winds east at 2 miles an hour
 I received a call from a local young lady the first thing she said was I saw Bigfoot and in the sound and tone of her voice apparently she had seen something I asked her to tell me what she saw
The young lady stated that her and some friend were driving east on state rd 1375 which is Sulfur-Bedford Road here in Trimble county around 8:47 pm and along the side of the road along the tree line it was standing there and it then turn and went towards the little Kentucky river  and disappeared I asked her what color she stated Reddish brown then I asked her about how tall see thought it was she then stated I don’t know but it was huge  then I asked her was there any other witness  she stated my friends were in the car and seen it to then I asked for the exact location and she described on the north side of the road just before you get to the Sulfur dam and that was about all she could tell me and I asked her if I needed to contact her for more information could I call her she said yes
Within 45 minute I proceeded to the  area  and  began to monitor the area until around 3:00 am and called it a night The Sulfur Valley has a history of sightings as far back as the 70 s Rodney and myself have fished in this area and heard some gnarly vocals the area is really creepy in the wee hours of the night

This afternoon Rodney and myself conducted an onsite investigation of the area after walking the area we believe we found the area were the young lady had her sighting  and addition  we also found a large pile of scat with corn and across the road is a corn field with a section that was stripped with the heavy flooding we had a few weeks ago the vegetation was laying flat and the ground was hard with our weight we couldn’t make a single impression in the ground  we will keep an eye on the area    We will be interviewing the witness’s in person  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Stuff Toy July 16 2015

We haven't been in our research area since May 26 2015, But on July 16 2015 I entered in to our area to collect and replace SD cards and change batteries in our trail cams and place some new ones and to hang two cloves of garlic, Recently Rodney received a email from  Tracey Huntley in reference to us placing some garlic cloves as gifting items as garlic is used as a insecticide when rubbed on the skin.
Upon entering the area I always check on the stuff toy that we have placed in a tree, On this trip I noticed that the stuff toy was missing ,Ok no big deal we had some nasty weather this week and it probably was blown to the ground well I couldn't find it and I started working on the trail cams and when I started to hang the garlic in the tree right above me at around 13 feet I found our stuff toy it had been moved a hundred yards and placed high in this tree.
The area was washed out no track way could be found the peanut butter jar we had attached to the tree was gone. while checking the trail cam that faced towards the tree it

read 174 photos and upon downloading the SD card the card was blank. New trail cams were placed in discreet locations we will return in about a week and check the trail cams.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bear in Carroll county KY 07/13/2015

Researcher in Carroll county KY captured this black bear on her trail cam.We sent photos to law enforcement officer to get his opinion and he stated that it appears to be one to him. Rodney and myself agree but needed a second opinion

The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park , JULY 4 2015

 The Wilderness Off-Road Trail Park  we camp there all the time and a couple of years ago my husband, friend and my boys were out riding on a trail way way out there ...it had rained HARD all week everything was a muddy mess so my friend and I decided to stay at camp that day and go do laundry well the guys went on to ride and got poured on all day they stopped on the trail under some trees to take a break and they heard what they described as a woman screaming help they yelled back and ask if she was ok only to hear no response a few moments later they heard it again so they yelled to ask if she needed help then there was silence and all the sudden they said they heard what sounded like trees falling and could hear knocking like wood on wood . They were kinda freaking out by this point and started one of the bikes up and revved it up to try to scare what ever it was away then they said they could hear what sounded like heavy footsteps scuffling through the woods coming towards them from the rocks where the heard the screams but the never saw anything... needless to say they didn't stick around to see what was coming towards them but I believe it was a BF ... I did a little research and the whole setting was perfect for the BF they could smell a musty smell it was wet damp and secluded .
Shared with the permission of Candice Hamblin

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 07 2015

This morning I met with fellow researcher Reva Mcmanis from Carroll county as she want to show some interesting castings she had done from a remote area along the Kentucky river after the river had receded from high water the prints measure 9 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide. with her permission I am posting the photos.
 possible dermal ridges

Tracks along the muddy river bank

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ivel KY July 03 2015

Ivel KY

July 03 2015

On July 03 2015 my wife and myself was on our way to Pike County KY, as we drove thru Ivel KY we stopped at a little store to look around as we were looking a gentleman stopped me and inquired about my shirt. (That day I was wearing my Bigfoot shirt with our logo)  He asked me was I one of those people who hunt Bigfoot and I replied I’m a Bigfoot researcher He stood there and looked at me at this time I was expecting to be ridiculed instead he asked if I had a moment I said sure as we moved down to the end of the counter The gentleman began telling me of an incident that happen to him and a friend back in November 2014 while deer hunting

He stated that last November him and a friend was hunting up on Ivy creek and that morning they hadn’t seen any game I was in my deer stand and my friend was on the opposite side of the ridge in his deer stand it was around 10 am when I heard something coming around the ridge when it appeared I thought it was another hunter giving up for the day  but as it got closer it   appeared to be covered in fur and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip and as I was watching it come towards me it stopped as if it had seen me or got my scent it snorted loud then turned and disappeared down the mountain I’ve seen bear and it wasn’t no bear

I packed up and headed over to where my friend was in his tree stand and told him as to what I saw we both headed to where I saw this thing standing and I’m 6foot one and where this thing was standing it had to be at least over 7 foot and the path this thing took down the mountain there is no way me or my friend could of gone down, after that day I have never been back

We talked for a little longer and he stated to me that he has hunted around Ivel KY since he was a boy and would have told anyone that there is no such thing as hairy monsters in the woods but now he’s not sure what to think. Let me tell you a little about the gentleman he is in his late 40s well spoken skilled hunter He wanted his name kept confidential

Now the reason I stated this was an interesting story was that he mention (and was carrying something with its left arm as if you would carry a child on your hip)  This is something that no one would make up unless it was actually seen  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Follow up on Martinsville IN June 19, 2015 report. (More to come)

Email I received today from the witness of the Martinsville, IN June 19, 2015 report.
The Investigators stopped by yesterday while I was working on the property.  I showed them the new house build site (where the first activity was), but they were unable to hike up the hill to the site of the second activity.
The Investigators  mentioned 'structures' and it called to mind what I thought was either left over from a hunter's blind or from kids playing- within eyesight of where I was clearing the fire pit there is a structure- a branch laid parallel to the ground, maybe five or six feet high, placed in the branches to two trees, with about five or six stick stacked along by one end (as if someone had been making a pup tent out of branches and gave up early on).
I gave them permission to come on to the property at dusk/night, and they said that they had younger guys who would check on things up the hill and maybe place some trail cameras.
This Afternoon received a Email from the Investigators 
We're still getting our guys together. Some work in the evenings and have to plan ahead a few days.
We are going over for a few hours tonight to see if we hear any howls or knocks. I'll let you know what happens.
 Forgot to mention - yes-- we are almost sure he has something hanging out on his hillside.
After the Investigation the names of the researchers will be released as for now the Investigators do not need any outside interference in there work 

Martinsville, IN June 19,2015

Todays date
June 19, 2015

Date of encounter or sighting
June 19, 2015 and maybe a week earlier

 On file (confidential)

 Contact information
 On file (confidential)

Email Address:
On file (confidential)

location of sighting/encounter
 Exact Location on File ( Martinsville, IN )

 What time of day did encounter / sighting take place
Afternoon, both times

What was the weather conditions
Hot and sunny the first time, hot, humid and drizzling on and off the second time.

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event.
 My wife and I bought 12 wooded acres in March.  Facing east, it goes from a ridge into a 'hollow' with a spring-fed ditch, then uphill across a relatively level hill, then down into a smaller hollow, also with a spring-fed ditch.  There is a stripped down house from 1930 on the lowest part of the middle hill, near the road on the western side of the property.  The old house was inhabited up until last Nov. and the people kept horses, dogs, wolves and foxes in kennels near the house.  Some of the kennels still have that skunk smell from the fox urine.  My wife and I are reclearing a site that has overgrown over the last ten years for a build site for a cottage.  It is up against the hill on the southern hollow.  A few weeks ago, I used a machete to clear out weeds and some small willows that had grown up in the clearing.  A week or so ago, I went back with machete and a saw to harvest some willow saplings that would otherwise be cleared by machine.  Just as I entered the clearing, I heard what sounded like a decent-sized tree slowly crash and fall from up the hill.  I thought it was odd timing but not much else at the time.  Today, I was again alone on the property, clearing a ten foot circle area up the hill from the old house, to be used as a fire pit.  After a few minutes of sawing saplings and raking leaves, to the north, I heard what sounded like a rather large branch crash and fall to the ground.  That struck me as odd, as I have done a lot of hiking and camping over the last 30 years and such crashing isn't that common.  About ten minutes later, to the east, I heard that same lound branch crash and fall.  I also noticed the skunk smell that I associate with the fox urine, but have never smelled up the hill.  This could all be coincidence, but the second time in a few minutes hearing the crashing made me think it could be otherwise.

Were there any witness

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication

Would you like me to conduct a investigation?

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous
I have two small boys and would like to know if I have to worry about a large predator on our land.  I'd also like details on your Monrovia, IN investigations, since our land is between Monrovia and Martinsville.  I'd like to be anonymous at this point.  Thanks.

Follow up coming soon

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05/29/2015 field synopsis

Investigation report 05/29/2015

On 05/29/2015 The NKBRG team consisting of Rodney Adams,Tim Pierce ,Steve Winn and myself   packed up and headed to meet up with Chris Paige founder of the  Bigfooters of Southern Kentucky We arrived at about 1:30 pm and proceeded to the location ( To protect the site the location will be omitted ) , upon arriving at the site we conducted a walk Thur of the area and immediately we found tree structures at which time we documented and studied as we carefully walked along the logging road we noticed a clump of hair hanging from a barb on a fence. the hairs was blond in appearance and approximately 16 to 20 inches long. After questioning Chris if there was any animals such as horses or cattle of this color in the area Chris replied not to his knowledge ,Chris did state that there was a horse but not of that color, after examining the area we found the horse and it did not match in color.
We took a sample of the hair strand of said hair which was stiff and course to the touch like piano wire ,Tim Pierce and Chris Page documented the retrieval of the remaining hair by photo and video and placed it in evidence collection envelopes which will be sent off for testing.
We continued to investigate the area at which time I pointed out to the team a flat rock that had been placed on a fallen tree standing upright this also was documented and photos taken we then continued on to the gifting site.
After arriving at the gifting site we scouted around and found a good location for base camp,  Tim and Chris started placing  audio devices deep in the woods and Rodney and Steve and myself began running cables and placing the cameras in four direction from base camp and one camera focus on us in base camp then Tim and Steve placed three motion sensors at three points of entry, while we was busy setting up we would receive a wood knocks now with base camp set up it was time to test and twerk the equipment cameras was first and after that Rodney, Steve and myself began the checks on the motion sensors ,Rodney and Steve walked to each sensor and I stayed in base camp to relay it they set off the sensor the first two was working fine the third well Rodney and Steve couldn't fine the sensor where it was placed after some time they found the sensor it had been torn from the post and tossed to the ground now the sensor was held in placed by 100 mph tape and upon careful examination noticed that the tape was torn in a different place on the tape, this sensor was not but 200 yards from base camp, the sensor was re-position and tested all now left to do was wait for dark.
Tim and Chris at this time took off to explore after about a hour the two came back to base camp excited they had found some prints not more than a few hours old the area the prints were found was investigated hours earlier both left again and set off to cast said print. After said print was cast Chris had to leave and stated he would return in a few hours.
Around 9 pm Shelia and T.J arrived and 20 minutes later Chris arrived after the greets and showing our camera system and what had happen Throughout the day we relaxed and keep watch on the monitor then we heard something large moving  South of base camp Tim and Myself eased out of base camp in the direction of the movement while standing on the edge of base camp I whistled and immediately we received  a low grunt and for about 10 minutes with every whistle we received a low grunt at this time I asked Sheila and T.J to join us after making another whistle out of nowhere A object was thrown and smacked my Durango  and you could here what ever it was punching through the leaves of the trees and hitting with such force the the sound was loud enough that Rodney in base camp ask did you do that Tom and I answered  it wasn't me then another object was thrown and landed in the clearing with force enough to make a load thud.and at about that time Steve yelled Tom something ran in front of camera 2 at which time the sensor alarm went off.We stood there scanning the darkness with night vision hoping to catch what ever it was that had thrown the objects and passed by the camera to no avail well things seemed to quite down and the object throwing stop.
We returned to base camp and discussed what had happen by this time Chris needed to leave Tim ,Steve and Shelia and T.J walked him out,
On the way out Chris suddenly became deathly sick and sweaty which didn't last very long he recovered quickly after Chris left in his car and headed down the road he contacted Shelia and informed her that he saw something large cross the road.
After the team returned to base camp everyone was sitting around and talking and  Rodney had retreated to his chair at which time another object was thrown into base camp not more the 10 foot in front of him and another motion sensor went off.
right after that we began receiving whistles and wood knocks for a few hours it was very tense then the activity seemed to die off and it was quite for a while I nodded off for a while awaking later while talking to Steve,Tim and Shelia I noticed that the atmosphere in the area had change and mention it to the few team members who were still awake and a few minutes later a loud wood knock not more then 100 yards away was heard and off in the distance a long and loud mournful howl was heard after that the rest of the night and morning was uneventful
The evidence collected will be sent off for analysis and the videos will be reviewed painstakingly and after all the evidence is reviewed we will share our findings with Chris Paige founder of the  Bigfooters of Southern Kentucky
 Big KUDOS to all who took part in this investigation one tense and scary night
Thank You

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

THE MYTHICAL HOMINID: BIGFOOT Thursday, June 25th from 6:00—7:00 p.m. Do you believe in Bigfoot? Come to the Library and meet Thomas Shay, the founder of the Northern Kentucky Research Group based out of Trimble County as he gives a presentation to educate and raise awareness in the search for the mythical hominid: bigfoot. Mr. Shay’s presentation will included topics such as what is bigfoot, historical accounts and sightings, behavioral evidence, and physical evidence of bigfoot.

Field report 05/29/2015

The Team and host Chris Page

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

05/24/2015 Gifting site disturbed

On 05/24/2015 while in our area of research checking our gifting site the tree were the squeaky toy was tied to was uprooted and the gifts in the bread sack was ripped open and two small saplings were bent over at the site

Damage to Tee-pee in research area 05/24/2015

Several months ago we built a tee-pee in our area , Frist photo is what it looked liked. Now yesterday 05/24/2015 after going into our area this is what our tee-pee looks like now and loud vocals were heard during the early morning hours by witnesses who say the vocals appeared to be of something in a fit of rage in our research area.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mogollon Monster Hunter Mitchell Waite, 64, Dies