Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sighting on us 42 .10/13/2014 at around 9:00 pm

At 9:17pm .0n 10/13/2014  I received a call on my cell from a personnel friend of mine. After answering he was in a total state of panic and confusion I could here is wife in the back ground saying tell him, tell him? and he wasn't making much sense I told him to clam down and explain and he stated We just saw a Bigfoot cross the road. and I asked Really where? he begin telling the location and what had just happen at that time I asked where are you at right now? and he stated that they had pulled off at the Marathon station at Sligo KY . I explain to him I was in Pendleton KY and to wait there in Sligo until I arrived and which time he agreed. After arriving and meeting with them both were pretty shaken up and I asked them to take me to the exact location of the sighting and they agreed and when we pulled up I was amazed to fine that this location has had four confirm sightings in the last six months which is only a half mile from Rodney Adams home and the place were Rodney's wife had see one along the side of the road.
At this time I asked the couple to walk me thru to what they witness on the road and this is what they described
We were coming back from Madison Indiana and as we entered the curve this thing darts across the road  and I immediately slow down and my wife started screaming do you see it when I looked over I saw it  moving away from the road .
I asked the couple to describe what they saw .
The couple stated It appeared to be large and have hair and as for the size around seven foot or maybe taller it was huge. That's when we called you!
The couple wanted to leave due to it was getting late and the possibilities of sever storms that night that they would be available  if I need any information.
I stayed checking for possible evidence until it started to rain and headed home around 12:30 am
The next day I spoke with the couple again and after they had time to clam down this is what they relayed to me.
After spending time in Madison Indiana they began there trip home and traveling on U.S. 42 in Trimble county KY a large hairy biped animal crossed the road the driver of the vehicle slowed to see what had crossed and to there amazement it had stopped and stood around fifthteen feet from the side of the road as if frozen until the passage started screaming and it ran off disappearing into the dark.
The description of the creature was that of around seven foot or more what appeared to have brownish hair slumped over and broad in the shoulders. And very agile .
Follow up on report
The couple have contacted me several times after there incident still trying to comprehend what they had witness.
The couple wish to stay anonymous But just a little information about the couple before the incident they did not believe in Bigfoot of U.FO.s or anything supernatural these are things that were not allowed to be discussed in there home. And being personal friends with this couple in the past they had scoffed and laughed at me and my research. and I see no reason for them to hoax or lie about what happen they are still trying to come to terms to what they saw. And with the number of reported sightings in this area that we have received I believe they did see something.
I also returned the next day to the area to find any evidence but with the heavy rains early that morning produced nothing.
Myself and Rodney will be monitoring this area of U.S. 42 closely