Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/30/2014, Dirty Grayish Bigfoot seen in Milton Kentucky

Today I received a report of a sighting in the northern western area of Trimble county (Milton KY).
A elderly Trimble countian witness a 7 to 8 foot tall which she described as a large hairy man covered in dirty grayish hair standing in her yard. It appeared to be just standing there watching the elderly woman before moving off .
The area is in a rural area of Trimble county,
In which several reports of white or gray like bigfoots have been reported also this is the area were the Finding Bigfoot cast recorded the howls on there last night investigation in KY. here in Trimble county.
We will be placing trail cams and conduct a investigation in the area Myself and Rodney have conducted a investigation in the area back in September 2013 and discovered evidence of tree structures and prints which were casted and photograph at the time.
More to follow after we return to investigate the area.