Friday, August 29, 2014

Report from Chapleau Ontario Canada

Todays date August 27 2014

Date of encounter or sighting August 8 2014

Name: Confidential name on file

Contact information; information on file

Email Address: Information on file

location of sighting/encounter Chapleau Ontario Canada

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place aprox 2;00 pm

What was the weather conditions warm day

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. my son saw a grey Bigfoot as we
were getting firewood this terrified him. My older son has an experience in the same location prior to this.

Were there any witness NO but I can tell you I believe my son this has terrified him

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous: Yes please keep our names confidential, but I would like and investigation done since there has been 2 sightings from my sons in the same area. If you can give us your number I would like to tell you more. I realize we are in Ontario Canada, I have e-mail survivor man, and other Bigfoot investigators but no one has responded yet. I have had an experience in B.C when I was 13 years olds with witnesses, my husband is not sure what to think, but I know they exists I have drawn picture of it please contact. Thank You.

August 27 2014 , I received this report and after reading said report I contacted said Individual by Email and gave her my phone number and an hour later the individual contacted me by phone from Ontario Canada and she began to tell me what had happen to them on a camping trip. The individual stated that she had contacted several other Bigfoot researchers in Canada and no one had return her calls.
She also stated that she found us on the net and believed we could help her.
This family's encounter happen at the Missanabie Provincial Park Ontario Canada, The family was in the park camping and on this particular day the Individual stated that she and her husband and 11 year old son were cutting fre wood and carrying it up a embankment to the road were there vehicle and trailer were parked. apparently the son told his mother that he was going up to the trailer and stack the wood .
After awhile the mother brought a load of wood up and noticed that her son was white as a ghost and unable to talk after settling the young man down he told his story to his mother and what he told her was at first he wanted to scream but couldn't for he saw a large man coved in gray hair all over his body except the face cross the road some yards away and was watching his Mother and father cutting wood for some time and turned and head back into the forest The experience traumatized the young man so much that he has nightmares and when asked about it he becomes upset . All she asked was that someone check it out.  .
After talking with the individual I stated that Me and Rodney live in the states and we at the NKBRG can make some inquiries to some investigators in Canada.
We at the NKBRG contacted two prominent researchers in Canada and passed the report and contact information to these researchers with the permission of the individual and asked for a follow up in the investigation.