Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From Alton,Illinois to Herny County KY One Individuals path to Bigfoot

August 27 2014

Today I received an email from a individual explaining her encounters as child and to the present here's her incredible story and how passionate this individuals Quest for the preservation of the relic hominid know as Bigfoot. This is in Individuals own words and some things have been edited to protect the individual and there acquaintances .
When I was four years old, I was living between foster homes at my grandmother’s house in Alton, Illinois on a street right up from the Mississippi River.  One day, my brother and I were playing hide and seek and I ran upstairs to hide.  That old house had locks on the outside of the door and my brother,  locked me in.  My grandmother had the upstairs set up like an apartment with a back door and stairs that led to the back yard.  The back yard was surrounded by very large evergreens or pine trees.  I decided I would outsmart my brother and sneak out the back door, down the stairs.  When I opened the door to go to the back yard, there stood between two of the pine trees, this very tall, black, long haired creature.  I ran back in, and hid underneath my bed. My brother liked to never got me out from under the bed.  A second incident happened not long after that on a hot summer night.  My grandmother, brother and I were waiting for my grandfather to get home.  We had the windows opened.  I smelled this sewer type smell and heard grunting noises going down the side walk in front of our house.  The river was downhill from our house. I jumped up and looked down in the dark to see what that awful smell was and what was grunting.  There was the large black, hairy creature again.  I went in shock and back into a chair.  My grandmother and brother kept asking what was wrong and I couldn’t speak.  Finally, I asked for coffee (I didn’t drink nor like coffee).  Grandmother brought me a cup of coffee and when I took a sip, I spit it out and it brought me back out.  I was so worried that whatever that was would hurt my grandfather.  I had nightmares of monsters for about two years after that incident.  I never dreamed it was Bigfoot and hadn’t ever heard of Bigfoot at that point
I live in,  Kentucky for 3 years  on a 321 acre farm.  I now live in another town in Kentucky (since March, 2014).  There were a lot of things I played off as being coyotes that went on.    I’ve worked in the legal field for 32 years.  I have a very analytical mind that has to know the how, why, what, where’s.  I never take anything at face value.    I blame it on my career choice.  I will tell you that I did not believe in Bigfoot until the window incident and those that followed on the farm.  I am pretty sure there was a male, a female and at least one small juvenile with them.  On an almost nightly occurrence, they would be outside my family room window.  I would find their footprints, body prints (where one and the juvenile had sat for a long enough period of time to leave the grass smashed down for a very long time) on an almost daily basis when I would get up in the mornings. Sometimes, they horrible smell of them was still hanging in the air outside the window for hours.   I ended up having to bring my lab in the house to be a house dog because it/they were after the dog.  There was a worn path from an unused field where they crossed over the electric fence, came up alongside the pool fence, walked down the gravel u-shaped drive that surrounded the fenced dog area of the back yard and up alongside the dog fence to the sidewalk and then crossing the sidewalk to the window areas.  Sometimes, there would be footprints around each bottom window.  My dog refused to sleep upstairs anymore, but instead slept at the bottom of the stairs guarding all night while we slept.  My grandson and I would go out squatchin in the day time and would find prints, and even found where we believe they were sleeping.  There were so many things that happened around there.  I had friends over for my birthday and we broke into two separate groups and went out at 11:30 p.m. and stayed out until 1:30 p.m.  acquaintance of mine did tree knocks with a 2x4 he brought along.  We got an immediate response of a howl that wasn’t a coyote.  It scared one of the females in the group so bad she started crying wanting to go home.  Since the September 27th incident, I started researching Bigfoot and going on outings  on my own..  I’ve researched a lot on the internet because I want to know more.  I researched the time frame that I had the two incidents in Alton, Illinois when I was a small child and found that a circus owner had his horses tied to trees down by the River there in Alton and a bigfoot would stalk them and harass them.  Never hurt them, just spooked them really bad.  My grandfather and I went almost nightly down to the locks to watch them open and shut and barges come and go through.  There were a few times I got to ride the camels when the circus was camped out down there.  So, I know this is true. 
Given all this, I am like a sponge soaking up as much information as I can.  I want to be involved in the research and preservation of Bigfoots.  I am so worried that the notoriety that Bigfoot is all of the sudden getting will cause people to start hunting them so they can be the first to produce a body.  I’m not interested in this to draw attention to myself.  I just want to know more of the how, where, why, when’s concerning Bigfoot.
This Individual will be one of our new researchers and investigators of the NKBRG. 

Possible hand prints in the snow

Yesterday August 26 2014

The NKBRG was given some photo evidence from a local Trimble county resident from last winter of what appears to be hand prints in the snow and foot prints near his home here's a sample of the photos more to come.


Me and Rodney are currently reviewing all applications for team field researchers and investigators.
We are currently expanding our areas of research due to the reports we and evidence we receive in KY. and are looking for individuals to work in various areas, not just our ordinary places. Email me or Rodney if you are interested or have more questions. or