Saturday, August 16, 2014

Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Filed Report 8/16/2014 (New Aera )

Today 8/16/2014

In a earlier post I stated that Me and Rodney were given permission to investigate several large tracts of property and Today we meet with the care keeper of the property who guided us back into this 400 acres of dense forest and step hills. After arriving at the property we crossed a small pasture and headed onto a old logging road and after driving in about a half mile we stopped and was shown the place while the care keeper shot at what he said was a Bigfoot.
We walked in on foot to investigate the surrounding area as we were investigating Rodney and the care keeper found on a fence Reddish brown hair some measuring in length up to 10 inches long we immediately collected the hair samples and also at the spot we found a track way with prints measuring 17.5 inches we followed the track way to a ridge were we split up and I took the ridge while Rodney took the valley following a small creek. On the ridge I found several prints which were documented.
Rodney, while in the valley, came upon more prints which he documented, and, at this point, we got a very loud wood knock at which time Rodney responded back  after a few moments we received another sharp and clear knock in return. We remained in the area for another half hour and we did not have any other activity and decided to return to the vehicles and enter deeper into the property.
While navigating the old road the care keeper in the lead vehicle and us following behind was pointing at something running thru the underbrush  and run up the step hill we stopped and took positions at the bottom of the hill at one point all four of us noticed something standing on top of the hill swaying side to side now we could tell that it was bipedal and covered in hair then suddenly it disappeared.
At this point we headed out on foot and discovered a couple of prints  measuring 20 inches which was documented and more hair samples as we were in this area we heard several grunts and a couple of whoops after sitting in the area for around two and half hours we had activity on the hill opposite of our location. after a while the activity ceased and we decided to pack up and head out .
The area is so dense and large that we will be returning several more times and planning a overnight
investigation on labor day weekend if all works well. we will be taking rest of the team in with us on our next investigation next weekend depending on the weather.