Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boone County Kentucky sighting (Second Witness )

On August the 12, 2014 I posted a report that happened on July 16 ,2013 In Boone County KY.  Later that evening the second witness contacted me .And this is what was relayed to me in their own words.
Now the witness asked to be kept anonymous, and I will respect her wishes.

 Boone County Kentucky sighting (Second Witness ) July 16 2013

I am the other witness regarding the sighting you were contacted about earlier in Boone County. I just wanted to say I had never believed in Bigfoot but living on a farm we certainly hear our share of strange things at night but never once considered it could be anything other than a wild animal, but my husband and I decided to take my sister out for a night of gambling because she was recovering from cancer surgery so we drove her to Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg In. When we left the casino and crossed the bridge into Kentucky we were in my husbands new truck. He was driving and I was up front in the passenger seat and she was in the back. It was dark and she has always believed but me not so much. I began to notice this very large figure up the road and what brought it to my attention was its size and it appeared to agitated. It was standing right under as street light and had walked down to the interstate out of what I think were pine trees. As we got closer we were doing about 70 miles a hour and to the left of this three lane highway there were men working so they had lots of bright lights on. It seemed to me that when it came out of the trees it was shocked at all the lights and commotion going on and could not decide which way to go. I will admit I didn't bring it to anyone's attention because I was rendered simply speechless not believing what I was looking at but I did get a good look at it. Its hair appeared to be reddish and if you have ever owned a red or brown dog it appeared somewhat sun-bleached on its back and it was about 6 inches in length. It appears to me that most that people see are black this one was not. I said to them after we passed it and I could finally form a sentence "What the hell was that?" and her reply was I know what I saw but I am not going to say because you all tease me so much and I was so relieved when she said it looked like Bigfoot to me. I immediately called my older sister who usually goes with us and said guess what we just seen Bigfoot and she said what are you all drinking??? neither of us hardly ever drink. So long story short my husband absolutely didn't believe but he does now, even though he was driving I just wish I could have mustered the strength to say early on "what is that" It was like watching a train wreck you just are speechless at the magnitude of what you are looking at and thank God we did not have any car trouble or a flat I would probably have died with a heart attack. Just wanted to touch base with you say I back up her story because its 100% true.