Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trimble family has encounter in Trimble county 07/23/2014

Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Trimble county KY.

Report July 23 2014.

This afternoon I talked with a Trimble county resident who he and his family had a encounter on a 400 acre farm here in Trimble County. The family was hired to work on the remote area of the farm. On the first day of working in the remote area the gentleman noticed at a distance of a figure squatting near a cedar tree after watching the figure for a few minutes it stood up and walked away it appeared to be covered in hair and walked on two legs. He stated that he later went to the cedar tree and noticed that what he saw had to stand at least seven and a half feet tall. Due to that he stands six foot and were he saw the area were the head was after standing up was higher than he was. Now he did not tell his family members who were working with him what he had seen. Later his wife came to him and stated that she felt as she was being watched and a few hours later she came to him and stated she saw this thing watching her from the woods.  At this time his son went up the hill to check the fence after a few minutes he saw something running thru the brush  and thought it was his son running with a roll of barb wire and he yelled out to him and at this time his son came running down the high white as a ghost and said something ran him off the hill at that moment the gentleman stated that whatever this thing was let out a load yell and an 8 foot to 10 foot limb came out hurling out from the area where he saw something moving  then he stated that it appeared that it was coming at them from the brush breaking limbs and make aggressive sounds that’s when he stated to me that he took several shots at it and it stop and moved off to the other direction screaming and breaking brush. He then went to the area where he shot into and found blood and on a tree limb he found a patch of black course hair that had a smell of feces he didn’t get any samples as for he stated that he was pretty shaken up and got his family out of the area. This witness talked with Rodney Adams earlier this morning and relayed it to me Due to Rodney working out of town and will not be back in the area until Friday Rodney relayed the phone number to me and I contacted the witness . We are currently getting permission from the land owner to retrieve the hair and sample of the blood. Before the weather sets in and contaminates the evidence. I know the witness personally and find him and his family creditable. During the interview the gentleman stated that he got a good look at what he saw and can’t understand what he saw he also stated that it appeared intelligent and feels bad that he shot it but at the time he felt his family and his own personal safety was in danger. After the interview he stated to me that he has hunted in the area for years and never seen anything like what he saw today and now knows that something truly walks the woods and valleys of Trimble County.  As it looks now I will be in the area tonight and as soon as I get the permission to retrieve the evidence I will do follow up. The incident happens within ¾ of a mile from the habituation site.