Sunday, July 20, 2014

Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research field report July 20 2014

Today July 20 2014 I decided to investigate a little around the area where my wife saw something peeking from behind a tree upon arriving I loaded the ATV up and headed for the area.
After reaching my destination I had to go in on foot due to the thickness of the forest upon entering   and moving threw

 the area every ounce in a while I heard something moving parallel to me at a distance when I stopped whatever it was stopped and as I moved it moved with me I didn't give it much thought thinking it was a large buck I was pushing any way after arriving at the said tree I found several foot prints measuring 18 inches long. I began to photograph and taking measurements, one print stood out from the rest and I decided to cast this one, while waiting for the casting to dry I began to follow the tracks and along the way finding snapped trees and at one point I found a tree limb wedged in some saplings off the ground, after investigating this I noticed that there was not one tree close enough to have fallen from. Also along the track way I found a large wet area where as if something urinated the odor was strong and I took a swab and took a sample to send off.
After about an hour the track way ended into a thicket I tried to go threw but was no matched for the thorns and decided to head back to the casting knowing by now it would be dry.
 I Retrieved the casting and started my way back to my four wheeler now things get interesting back at my four wheeler I began to warp the cast and place it in the carrying department and out of no were this large piece of wood came flying out from the woods and landed ten foot in front of my four wheeler the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I stood there for a while listening and watching  waiting for something to happen but nothing did, so I went and retrieved the large piece of wood this piece of wood was solid and heavy I photograph said limb and then tied it to my four wheeler  and proceeded to my truck. I kept the large piece of wood as evidence.

 Before leaving I placed a trail cam in the area in a homemade Styrofoam rock and staked it to the ground at an angle. This weekend should provide some good evidence we will be staying in this area over night with night vision cameras sound recording equipment and some proximity alarms 


Odd report out of Milton KY.

This was post from a Female resident of Milton KY in Trimble county. In the years of investigating and researching I have received several odd reports just like this one but before you blow it off this could be a miss identification. As you read this some things to point out for one it was late at night, second as she stated it appeared to be hairless this be that it was either a older Bigfoot or diseased one the color grey should point out that it may have been an older Bigfoot the Bat and cat
like features and pointed ears might suggest that it was balding the long muscular arms is what we see in most Bigfoot sightings. The area in which she speaks about is on a step and curving hill in which you have to pay attention to when driving and the sighting in opinion she saw something but due to concentrating on driving the sighting was so quick that the details were slightly misidentified .The area has several reports of a grey Bigfoot that has been sighted in the general area. But anyway after reading this think about what my conclusions were and pounder it around and see what you can come up with .

July 18 2014  

I'm not sure I really saw this or it was my eyes playing tricks on me. In 2011 I was coming up the Milton hill at around midnight from work going home. I caught a look of something by the tree on the right side at the top of the hill. it looked like a 6 foot tall hairless bat/man. body like a man face like a bat. or a cat face with pointy ears. I have brushed it off like I was seeing things but have never forgotten it.
The only thing I can add is that the color was white grey and the eyes reflected like an animal. didn't see a tail because it was at an angle behind a tree. it kind of reminded of when a were wolf is changing back to human. it's arms and legs were long and muscular
This was at the top of hill right before you get to the house that sets down in the dip on the same side of the road.
  I think it was late summer, early fall time. between end of august and early October . it scared me and every time I pass the spot. I look.