Friday, July 18, 2014

My wife's first Bigfoot exprenice.

On Wednesday July 16 2014 my wife out of the blue asked me if I would take her out to the farm and show her how to shoot I agreed and we headed to our farm here in Trimble county KY.  After arriving at the farm this is what happen in her own words.

On Wednesday, my husband took me out to learn how to shoot. While I was learning how to hold and handle the weapon we got a couple of wood knocks. As a skeptic, I was fascinated.

Tom, my husband, began to explain  to me about the knocks at this point he showed me a path in the grass which had been pressed down going to the pond, it was wide, wider then what a deer would make. He told me to walk on the path and pay attention to the texture of the ground under my feet. I could feel the big foot impressssions under my feet then he showed me a fresh tracks  18 inches in length.

After that, we started doing whoops and howls. I got some responses in the form of growls and moans.

At this point I whistled and got a whistled and I got a whistle back. This whistle was different then the bird chirps.  I also did my impression of a Bigfoot howl which sounded like a seal and I got response from that too.

Finally I saw a head poke out from behind a tree. Was it A Bigfoot? I don’t know.

Now the pathway that I showed my wife was a pathway that myself and Rodney Adams investigated and photographed several prints. The fresh track that measured just a little over 18 inches and was around 5 to 6 hours old due to the vegetation that was broken in the print showed little wilting as for the figure which appeared to be peeking from behind a tree was pointed out by my wife was solid black in the tree line we watched for several minutes before it disappeared back into the forest. My wife is a skeptic but now wants to go with me on our investigations.

This is the area we are doing our overnight in. on the 26 and 27 of July