Monday, June 30, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 6-28-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 6-28-14
On 06/29/2014, the three primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation after a lengthy absence due to resent presentations. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky and joined by guest Tim Pierce of Indiana Bigfoot Rangers made up the investigators meeting at 4PM. In the meet area prior to entering the habituation area multiple new foot prints and fresh trail through Tom’s property was found. Prints ranged in size from 16 inches up to 21 inches, yes we believe Goliath has returned. We found an area that appears to be where one or more are bedding down near a known deer trail and one set of tracks, and the 21-inch set had nearly an 80-inch stride. Due to the prints being found in the heavy grassy area we were not able to cast any but they were clearly visible to experienced trackers, disappointing that no casts were obtain but still excellent evidence. Upon entering the habituation area we found several new tree structures, these remain a mystery as to why they are constructed but is a continuing fascination, Robert often lags behind as he studies and photographs these structures as they are an endless curiosity to him. Our expedition ran into a little weather difficulty, we got caught in two rapidly moving rain/thunder storms and were drenched. During the rain we heard several loud whistles like the squatches were saying hey dummies you are getting rained on.
We actually had several whistles returned as well. We heard several knocks and two large “some things” moving around us but the new growth is so thick that visibility is down to 100 to 200 feet and something could be that close and the team not see it. Robert heard movement from the area of multiple tree structures and saw the brush moving but even with a telephoto lens he could see nothing in the dense growth. Vocalizations in the form of whoops and howls were also heard and just out of sight in the deeper forest we heard a fairly loud growl which may have been recorded but still needs analyzing as we had trouble with a loose connection in our parabolic dish, but we also had recorders running. Currently we are obtaining new equipment for our research and presentations. We have new presentation equipment, laptops, projectors and screen and hope to have new thermal video gear for future use. We hope this new equipment yields better field results soon. Also we are planning two more overnight trips, one directly in the habituation area and another in the area we believe Goliath is frequenting. Please join us at our outdoor presentation and learning sessions coming in August, stay tuned for more information, dates, times and confirmed location, but as of now we plan on using Lake Jericho recreational area. Thanks for reading this report and for your continued interest and support.

The Northern Kentucky Research Group
Thomas Shay Founder and Lead Researcher
Rodney Adams Lead Researcher
Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher Field Biologist and Science Writer

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