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Finding Bigfoot: Two Men and a Ton of Footprints in Kentucky : Video : Animal Planet

The Finding Bigfoot team is back! This week, the team heads to Kentucky to...

Northern KY Bigfoot Special Report 6 5 14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Special Investigation Field Report 6-5-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Special Investigation Field Report 6-5-14

Background: On May 25, 2014 The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research group received a report of multiple incidents involving three families living within a four to five mile proximity of the same region. The families have asked that their names and the exact location of these incidents be kept in the strictest confidence for fear of ridicule and their privacy disrupted. All three families are considered highly credible witnesses and Norther Kentucky Research always respects and honors requests for anonymity.
All families have reported hearing strange noises in the woods behind their homes including knocks, banging, howls and screams at night. Rocks have also been reported thrown at one house and at an out building. Dog food in large ceramic containers have also come up missing and one of the family members observed a security light come on as a dark figure passed under a window with the shoulders and head being briefly visible. Pets now refuse to go into the area without their human owners and stay close to their homes. Tom and Rodney investigated the scene of the window and by their measurements this creature would have to be over eight foot tall to have been witnessed from the window it was reported.
On June 1, 2013 The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot research group began an official ongoing investigation. During the initial investigation a singe print was found as was an older “X” type tree maker commonly seen with Bigfoot activity. Trail cameras were placed and a peanut butter jar was taped to a tree at the back of one property, a technique the team often uses in our habituation studies. This began the investigation. On June 5, 2014 Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob "Wolfman" Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group returned to do a follow up investigation and meet with one property owner for an update on recent activity.
The property owner reported that they had seen the trail cam lights flashing and more vocalizations had been heard. Upon exploring the property several new freshly broken trails in and out of the surrounding forest were noted as well as possible prints. A print was also seen and photographed in the creek that runs throughout the forest boundary. A fresh bedding area was found inside the tree line and additional tree markers were noted at a distance in the surrounding forest but many of the markers appear to be old and not recent but with the thick overgrowth it was difficult to see at a distance. A well defined pathway was seen across the stream where a series of trees were bent lining the trail.
The peanut butter jar had been opened and 1/4 of the contents eaten by use of a stick and the lid replaced. A small grey hair sample was collected and will be analyzed soon. The older deep print that was found initially was cast, but while removing the plaster cracked into multiple pieces due to the wet ground. The cast did reveal some toe formation and a fat pad could be seen. We are trying to salvage the cast and will post if restoration shows any detail. The trail camera pictures show a possible shadowy figure in the far distance, these photos are still being viewed and we will share anything of value when completed. The team reinforced the tape of the peanut butter and trail cams were repositioned at different angles and locations hoping to at least get some evidence from one source. The team’s investigation will continue and hopefully will yield more evidence and we can offer explanations to what these families are encountering and provide them with peace of mind.
Thanks for your interest and support and stay tuned to our continuing efforts in investigating the unidentified hominid roaming the counties of Northern Kentucky we all know as Bigfoot.
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group