Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A sad day in the Bigfoot Community

It is with a very sad heart that I have to announce the passing of a very dear friend and fellow researcher, Philip Spencer. He was one of the original bigfoot researchers in Kentucky with whom I owe a ton gratitude of thanks to. I've learned a wealth of knowledge from this amazing and wise friend. For over 20 years he investigated bigfoot reports in Kentucky along with other mysterious creatures.... He was an honest, fun-loving man who could tell "the best" campfire stories around! The first time I met him for lunch in Anderson County, I was taken back by how many people came up to him and gave a huge hug! I could tell right away how much he was loved. Philip past away by his partner's side, Kat, in his home this morning. He is survived by his two sons, Chris and Travis, along with precious grandchildren, Ben and Christina. Philip, buddy, you will be sorely missed. I hope you're able to explore this new dimension of your life. Squatch on partner, squatch on!!!

Charlie Raymond