Monday, May 19, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-17-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-17-14
On 05/17/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation with an overnight stay directly in the Bigfoot habitat. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky made up the investigators meeting at 12PM. The team was also joined by Tim Pierce now in training to run an affiliate group covering Indiana called Indiana Bigfoot rangers. This continuing study of our habituation site was our first overnight excursion into the Bigfoot territory and the team was excited and apprehensive. Tom took the team expedition gear in by 4 wheeler while Bob lead Tim through the area pointing out all the tree structures we have documented. Soon in the territory Bob and Tim spotted a fresh print still moist with water as having been freshly made, the prints were excellent visually but our photograph for some reason did not turn out any detail and was very disappointing and likely due to Tim using a new and unfamiliar camera and Bob having packed his on the quad. Tim was like a child at Xmas seeing all the evidence in our area. One thing we noticed was that the turtle shell we were gifted in the past that was placed upon a stump has been removed and we were unable to locate it.
Once in the habituation site camp was set up directly in the main trail they utilize. In the early day portion the team heard several distinct knocks right upon our arrival. The knocks were heard from two different ridges, the habituation area is surrounded by 2 canyons and multiple hills and ridges with three run off streams. Not only did the team here knocks but several growls and a howl during the daytime. Use of parabolic dish and microphone reveal additional chatter and grows faint to the human ear and off on the most distant ridge from the camp. During the day the team heard movement and Tom saw a dark figure moving through the distant foliage where Bob and Tim had found the print, Bob also saw the creature, tall and dark colored moving back and forth between two large trees. Bob was able to get a single picture at extreme distance using 10x telephoto lens and digital added zoom. The picture like many is blurry but reveals a creature peeking out behind a tree and shows the head with characteristic no neck and some face details if looked closely and the upper body with shoulders.
Rodney Adams joined the team around 7:30 to join in the excitement and investigation. That night around 1-2 Am the team heard additional movement, a distant howl and all the dogs over the adjacent ridge going crazy. We also heard some unusual sounding howls, a type we were not accustomed to hearing that were higher pitched with a almost cat like scream quality. These vocalizations went on for over an hour with additional characteristic howls as well. Once the activity quieted down around two and the night grew exceptionally cold, the team medic made the announcement that it was time to retire to the warmth of the base camp tent and heater, which the team was thankful that Robert provided. Knocks and howls were heard through the night as well as movement around the tent and also several tree snaps.
Around 6AM the call of nature called to both Tim and Bob who took turns going out to relieve themselves. Tim when he went out heard something very large crash through the camp and circle around into the woods and something growled at him with the new cat like quality, yet the sound is not exactly that of any cat but we have no other way to described these vocalizations. Bob having worked with bobcat, cougar and tiger in his early career confirms these have a cat like quality but definitely unique with a Bigfoot quality to them. Bob came out next and also was growled at and something large behind the tent ran down the trail and into the woods. Upon searching the area in the morning, tree breaks and a knocked down tree was found as well as 6 fresh prints going down the trail behind the camp. The prints were 18 inches long with 60+ inch stride. Hopefully Tim’s new camera will reveal good photographic evidence once analyzed.
The team also set out new gifts of corn bread and sardines in two areas far out to attract the study subjects, but the morning showed no evidence of interest possibly due to our first presence in their territory at night. Also noted was no evidence of small game such as raccoon or opossum that would have likely taken the bait if available. The team has seen multiple evidence of predation on small animals in the form of skeletal remains likely indicating the small animal population is depleted and is a source of food to Sasquatch.
We hope to return to our habituation study area soon and plan another overnight visit when the weather warms and the area becomes more active. We are again excited about having Tim Peirce join us as his eagerness to learn is intoxicating, and he is genuinely fun to have around, especial when Tom’s ring tone is a Bigfoot scream and Tim jumped every time it went off providing us with several good laughs. Tim will also be assisting in investigation reports in Indiana at Indiana Bigfoot rangers to help expand our efforts to support other states as reports often come into the team via our blog and website. Tim will also be returning with the team for further investigations and training to further hone his already excellent investigation techniques. Again please join the Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group in welcoming Tim as our newest affiliate and team member of the group.
Thanks for your interest and support and stay tuned for upcoming exciting news and more of our efforts to identify the hominid roaming Trimble County Kentucky we all know as Bigfoot.
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group