Sunday, May 11, 2014

New team study bumper stickers

New team study bumper stickers on the way... couldn't resist and hope you like them team:) Plus if anyone is interested in supporting the team and our research for a official sponsored study and publication these are for sale at 6 bucks a piece. All proceeds got to the study group for new equipment and resources. If interested PM Robert Wolfman Bratcher for ordering. Thanks for your support.

Bigfoot’s level of Intelligence?

Bigfoot’s level of Intelligence?
People often ask me as a researcher and biologist what level of intelligence I think a Bigfoot/Sasquatch has? Well like everything else I have my own theory and opinion based on available evidence... as a medical profession I base all my clinical decisions/observations on what is called evidence-based practice... I like to try and follow the same approach to my research on Bigfoot/Sasquatch... so here goes some food for thought! First off Sasquatch is not just an animal... no more so than you or I... they are closer to us humans with a human like intelligence, that while not as advances as ours... is still more human than animal. Think on this... man’s intelligence and development of tools and weapons were as survival mechanisms and often out of need to protect ourselves from predators and at times each other as we often over breed and needed to expand our territory. War has also caused some of man’s greatest advancements. Now think on this, if you had the size, covering of hair, raw strength and speed of a Bigfoot... you would likely have no natural enemies... reports even have bears running from them or Bigfoot killing a mountain lion with ease by smashing it against a tree. In my team’s study area we have seen where a 500 pound yearling calf that has been thrown against a tree killing it. Now add in where they have little problems hunting or finding food with your speed and strength, and even use of primitive tools, i.e. throwing rocks to bring down prey... sticks to dig grubs out of the ground... or in our habituation studies to open and dig out peanut butter from a jar. Along with a natural covering of hair and tough hide where you would require little need of shelter... which they do build in tough weather as our team sees regularly... but in most weather that is not an issue. Evidence shows they likely only breed once a year so over population is not an issue, meaning they likely do not war among themselves, so they have not needed to develop tools, cloths, weapons and the like to survive as man has all which contributes to our advanced knowledge. If man evolved in an environment where food was plentiful, we only had off spring once a year, only breed when our other offspring had matured, had no natural predators and there was no war... how far do you think we might have developed... we would likely still be at the level of chimps... with some humans I have treated as patients I think we are only a little more advanced than that:) Up until man... very little could threaten a Squatch! As man evolved weapons that could kill Bigfoot/Sasquatch their main survival skill became hiding which they have developed into an art form:)
So how intelligent do I think a Sasquatch/Bigfoot is? Well let’s add up what evidence we have so far... just from the skills I and the research team I belong to have observed, shelter building, primitive tool use, structure building, tree and stone markers as primitive communications, a form of speech in their characteristic chatter that sounds like old cave men speaking Japanese, possible burial of their dead, leaving gifts in return for food left... and their ninja like hiding skills and their ability to avoid trail cams and the like... I give them a rudimentary intelligence high above all other primates and what I would attribute to early man... and possible just below our own... just possible:) I sometimes doubt we are smarter as often as they hide and outsmart our team, take our trail cams or cover the lens while they eat the peanut butter out of the jars we leave.
Disclaimer: The views in these post are those belonging to Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher and may or may not be completely shared by all team members of our research team.

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 5-10-14

 Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 5-10-14
On 05/10/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky made up the investigators meeting at 12 pm
 Tim Pierce was invited as a guest observer and possible future associate for the investigation. The continuing study of our habituation site was unfortunately canceled as well as an investigation in Jefferson county Indiana due to severe weather. But before the weather set in the team investigated new prints that follow a heavily wooded corridor the team believes is used by the Bigfoot/Sasquatch to come and go from the habituation study area. Multiple prints were found in the heave brush on private property that the team has permission to investigate and those prints lead the team to check out the green belt we believe these beings are traveling through. Several entry points in and out of this area were discovered where the Bigfoot have been stepping over a property fence boundary. More evidence of 21 inch prints and 15 inch prints were found by Thomas Shay and Robert Bratcher, this is thought to be a mated pair Bob calls Mr. And Mrs Goliath. The team found multiple new path ways through the wooden corridor and multiple new tree structures with never before seen tree breaks. A new bedding area was discovered also where something has been sleeping as well as newer prints in the known sleeping area. Additional fresh prints were found in and alone the spring fed pond as before that the team believes the Bigfoot are using this as their water source. Several fresh paths through broken grass and brush were also discovered in this area.
A new discovery was where something has been scratching the bark off a large tree. The scratches were deep furrows into the tree but no actual evidence of claw marks or antler rub were noted on the tree, and the removed bark started at 7 feet off the ground. This evidence appears highly unlikely and too high for deer rubs, and again no evidence of claws as with bear, which none are reported in this region. Along where the bark marker was is where the bedding area, multiple new structures as well as tree breaks were noted as well as several old tree twist. This was an exciting new find for the team and we plan on a possible night investigation in this area. Several tree knocks and heavy foot fall were noted during the investigation and a possible vocalization. Also at one point during the outing dogs at the nearby boarding kennel suddenly began to bark fiercely at the time we heard the vocalizations.
We hope to return to out habituation study area tomorrow if weather, wives and Mother’s day plans allow. We are excited about having Tim Peirce join us as his eagerness to learn is intoxicating, and he is genuinely fun to have around. Tim is also willing to assist in investigation reports further up in Indiana that come into via the team’s blog and website. Tim will also be returning with the team for an overnight investigation planned in our habituation area next weekend as he continues to sharpen his investigation techniques. Please join the Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group in welcoming Tim to the group.
Thanks for your interest and support
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group