Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05/07/2014 , Vocals heard in Eastern Kentucky.

I just returned from Eastern Kentucky from a area where several Bigfoot sightings and vocals have been heard  in the last three months.
After scouting the area out I'm am sorry to say we had no luck with any evidence or activity
But this morning while me and my wife were packing the truck up for our departure back home.
It was around 7:15 am and low and behold there was three long screams at 7:30 am my wife exited from my in-laws home and there again three more long screams my wife looked at me and asked !"What was that" this was her first time hearing vocals.
By this time I had found my recorder and waited but it didn't vocalize anymore. We are planning a return visit and will set up a camp for a week.
But for now enjoy the photos of the area where the vocals were heard.