Monday, April 28, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 4-27-14

On 04/27/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky made up the investigators meeting at 12PM. Prior to continuing our habituation study, the team returned to site of the 21 inch prints found by Thomas Shay and cast by both he and Bob. The researchers wanted to share this important and exciting find with team mate Rodney Adams. The team found newer prints in the area, additional 21 inch prints and 14-15 inch prints actually in and alone a spring fed pond that we believe the Bigfoots are using as a watering hole as it has constant fresh water inflow. Plus new paths and foliage breaks were noted throughout the area and in a bedding area that has a possible constructed wind break. This is believed to possibly be a mating pair as no young juvenile prints have been seen is some time in the area, and the smallest observed adolescent now stands 7 feet tall. No new prints were cast as the pond ones had filled back in with mud leaving only outlines visible.
The team found some new activity in the habituation area from the previous investigation. New tree formations were seen as well as new tree breaks. The new baiting technique of a bag of apples suspended above the trail still remains untouched but there was an unusual find with the rock structure. The rock structure had a deer skull place on it by the team previously, now had the same skull set beside the stone pile but a stone had been cemented into the skull by what looked to be mud or more likely feces, a sample was collected but hair was found in the material making the team lean toward fecal matter. The trail camera that was left in the locus tree had been removed and could not be found, this is the approximate seventh camera the team has lost. A new camera was placed high in a tree and out of sight but still facing a newly placed jar of peanut butter that was left by the skull and stones.
While searching the habituation site the team heard multiple tree knocks coming from one ridge and stone clacks coming from opposite ridges. A series of deep growls, huffs and a single scream was also heard prior to a new phenomena. While the team was readying to leave we heard the sound of a deer as what can only be described as screaming as it was seemingly attacked by a large predator. The sounds were horrific and lasted for a few seconds before going silent. The team suspects a Sasquatch caught a young deer or doe with the characteristic hind leg technique we have seen with other deer and the recent calf, injuring the animal causing the screams before it was finally killed by the predator,
Videos will be posting soon and a return expedition is scheduled in two weeks with expanded overnight research still in the planning at two locations likely in May. The team is also giving presentations at the regional libraries in Trimble county and Madison Indiana in June, more to come on these presentations soon but we welcome your participation and change to meet the team and hear us speak on everybody’s favorite subject of Bigfoot.
Thanks for your interest and support
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

Public Peer Review by David H. Swenson, PhD of Dr Ketchum’s DNA Study

Public Peer Review by David H. Swenson, PhD of Dr Ketchum’s DNA Study
For those following Dr. Melba Ketchum's work I found this peer review of her genome study and found it facinating and thought I would share. As a biologist this mirrors my own personal beliefs and theories on Bigfoot.
"Interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics. My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences. It helped me understand more ...about the project. This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp. I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria. From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences. My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported. For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law. Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis."

Possible Bigfoot photo

This is a cell phone captured picture of Goliath that Thomas Shay got when he found the prints earlier this week! It is from a distance or 100+ yards for a cell phone but still able to make out an image in the woods. Tom actually saw the creature but seeing and getting a good picture with a phone are two different things!
Robert Bratcher

Letter from a witness,sighting on KY.US 42. Between Bedford KY,and Carrollton KY

Today 04/28/2014, I received a letter in the mail from a witness, detailing her sighting March 2013,
This is what she wrote in her letter to me.

Dear Mr. Shay,

I am writing you for two reasons. One ,is to report my sighting in March of 2013 about 4-5 miles (headed from Carrollton to Bedford.)  The "Bigfoot" was 6-61/2 feet tall.
It crossed the road in front of my jeep in broad daylight  (1-2-3 and it was gone.) The creature was solid black- head to toe- with hair approximately 5 inches long covering all of its body. I viewed it from approximately 20 feet away,It cleared the two lane Highway-- in about 2 1/2 steps ( I counted them it was 8:15 am that morning. )
It walked kind of in a straight line,marching style,without bending its knees much.
Subject was clean-- looked to be young adult/agile and healthy.  No gender was determined as I viewed it from the left side view only. It never turned and faced me; I could not see its face.
Ever since that time, I regret not coming forward sooner as maybe now,that I think back,some footprints or hair samples might have been obtained.
It came from the brush and re-entered the brush on the other side. The creek it was heading for I believe,It was maybe hunger or thirst that drove it forward to cross possibly.
It walked tall,straight,and strong right across the road.

Follow up
This evening I contacted Mrs, McManis . and she repeated the same account as she wrote. the witness is in her 50s and stated that after the incident she carries a small video camera in her vehicle. She gave me the exact location of the sighting.
Several sighting have been reported in this area over the last several years.
posting the letter.