Thursday, April 24, 2014

Habitation site investigation 04/23/2014

 ,Habitation site investigation 04/23/2014
On the 04/23/14 ,I scouted around the habitation site.
The reason was a report of pets have come up missing in the area. After scouting around for a couple of hours I came upon a Skeleton of a large canine the strange thing about the skeleton was that its neck had be broken and the ribs were taken from the body and stacked neatly in a pile the I came upon another kill about 100 yards away.
also in the same area there were several large  foot prints in the soft ground and one was still in perfect condition as it was getting late I began casting the print and photograph the area
I returned this morning .04/24/14 and discovered more prints
I informed Rodney Adams and Robert Bratcher of the fine and a investigation is warranted more to follow soon after our investigation.