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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Remote Field Investigation Report 4-19-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Remote Field Investigation Report 4-19-14
On 04/19/2014, the 3 primary investigators switched our efforts to a new area in Trimble County to investigation previous reported sightings near the little Kentucky River, and to conduct a night investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher were accompanied by Rodney’s daughter Cierra and joined by Tom’s son Jacob. The investigation began at 8:30PM and the team heading into the woods following a 4 by 4 trail. Dogs in the area were constantly barking at us making recording anything difficult, with all the noise our parabolic amplification gear was useless. After dark some of the dogs settled down to our presence and Tom performed a whistle and immediately we got a return whistle. We did see several flashes of eye shine but with the horse fields around we could not rule out them as the source except one or two seen looked higher up like 8-9 foot, but again at the distance is was easy to confuse the actual height so we discounted them. Our police is try to attempt to debunk ourselves before we consider evidence, and the eye shine had a plausible explanation. We attempted several yells and howls with no results.
Half way through the investigation about 10:30 PM we heard a pack of coyote not to distant, glad to be armed in mating and whelping season as they hunt bigger game to fed their pups, and we did not want to be that game! Something set the coyotes, all the dogs and near by horses off and the coyotes howled and yelped. During the howling their was an unmistakable low pitched howl heard over the other background sounds. After the coyote pack died off there was an immediately low characteristic howl of a Sasquatch that echoed through the hollow... eerie at night and the whole group was excited. Unfortunate that was the only activity we can document for this investigation. We did find a intricate tree marker and several older tree twist on the main 4 by 4 path but no recent foot prints. The tree marked was ruled out as dead fall or storm activity as it was in a lone tree with nothing over head and the placement of the limbs were very intricate and not natural and there was a characteristic twist next to it in a large sapling, and this was directly beside the main trail.
Although we will continue out habituation study in detail, the Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group is expanding our team investigations for our study and publication. We will also continue to expand our overnight research in multiple locations that Tom has acquired permission to investigate in. Each area we study in the necessary legal permission to be there for our work is obtained, the team never trespasses. New multiple public presentations are also planned to show evidence and educate on this novel hominid roaming the Kentucky landscape. The team is also putting together expedition trips to take people into the field to teach about these fascinating creatures, and to show techniques on tracking, casting or prints and collection of evidence as well as a chance for a real encounter. Medical personnel will accompany each investigation and every possible effort for participants safety will be made. More on our future planned activities are forth coming.
Thanks for your interest and support
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

NKBRG Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group


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