Thursday, April 17, 2014

If you follow our Facebook Page you should read this!

To all members!
I had hoped that posting rules and/ guidelines would be unnecessary, But it has come to my attention that some of our members are concerned about the misuse of our site and post getting "hijacked" away from their intended message. Hopefully these guideline will serve the purpose of setting us back on message and get us back to Bigfoot, That's what we are all about.
Thank You

All members new and old please read! Posting rules and guidelines.
This Facebook Page was set up for the purpose to inform people about the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research project and to encourage discussion and the exchange of information on the yet unidentified hominid known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. This page as a forum is to facilitate the flow of credible scientific evidence or historical based information on Bigfoot to the public. This is not the place to voice political, religious/atheist or creation/anti-evolution opinions or beliefs. Everyone has their personal beliefs and those should be respected and honored. Religion and politics often get emotional and personal quickly as everybody may not have the same beliefs. By respecting others beliefs and keeping on the topic of Bigfoot, no one will be offended and the page remains friendly. Evolution is to be discussed on a scientific basis in the context that applies to Bigfoot research, and other debates on evolution versus creation should be taken to IM or will be deleted. Historical perspectives such as Native American legends or historical folklore may be discussed from the standpoint of anthropology and sociology as they pertain to Bigfoot research. Discussions involving hunting, harming or killing a Bigfoot are zero tolerance subjects. This pages purpose is for the scientific advancement of knowledge on the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch or any other name of this creature is known as. Additionally, this page frowns on subjects that have no basis in science or evidence to back them such as cloaking, invisibility, telepathy, UFO connections or other paranormal subjects. There are other pages for those discussions, not Northern Kentucky Bigfoot, we keep it science and evidence.
Posted comments should stay on the topic of the original post and all post should be related to the Bigfoot topic. If you wish to change the topic then start a new post rather than "hijacking" someone else’s post. Hijacking will get you a warning and if unheeded ejected from the page.
Be civil and polite in your posts and comments. Personal attacks, heated arguments, offensive language, profanity and incivility are not tolerated on this page. Please always bear in mind that there are possible minor children participating as members on this page and keep topics as PG as possible. Disagreements that encourage thought and discussion are fine as long as they are professional, civil and contribute the advancement of knowledge and the scientific process. Civil debate is characterized by respectful language, reasoned opinion and an honest search for the truth. When you agree or disagree with a comment, give reason and or evidence to back your opinion, it carries more weight and shows respect. Incivility by contrast is often disrespectful, lacks any reason or in support of a position, and will not be tolerated.
The promotions of outside businesses, organizations, websites or other related activity is prohibited unless related to Northern Kentucky Bigfoot. Reports of sightings, video or news is encouraged. Please when starting such a new post for discussion, provide a link to that report in your first post.
If a Moderator has declared a post "closed" page members should not post any further comments to that post, or at a moderators discretion it will be deleted or the individual comment will be deleted and the poster warned once before removal.
Remember the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research Group is the advancement of science and knowledge concerning the creature known as Bigfoot, and to advance our official study and planned publications. Any problems or concerns with this page please contact an administrator immediately.
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research Team