Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calf found mutilated near habitation site.

 On Friday April 11 2014,

 I was in town having tires put on my truck. I ran into the landowner of our current habitation site . We talked and he asked me how my rese
 arch was doing, and I explained what has happen in the past few weeks. The landowner brought to my attention that A few weeks ago a year old calf was killed and dragged in the woods and stated that it had to be big to drag a year old calf off . I asked were the location of the carcass was, and he explained to me the exact location.

After the work on my truck was finished I drove to the habitation site and proceeded to investigate this kill and in the pasture I found the kill site. The front leg of the calf  and off to the right of the leg around 120 yards I came upon the carcass which which was supposedly dragged onto this side of the ridge. Upon careful examination, all the legs except one hind leg were pulled from the body the chest cavity was torn open. Fifteen feet away I found the other hind leg which appeared to be gnawed upon .
Now some would say coyote or dog killed the calf. Possibly, but to drag a 300 to 400 pound year old calf and we are also talking about dead weight. In the photos you will notice some dead fall. Whatever moved the calf had to drag it over the dead fall which is highly unlikely.
Upon investigating the ground there was no sign of it being dragged. The leaf litter was not disturbed which leads me to believe it was carried there. 
Around the carcass the ground was pressed down as if some thing very large and heavy was standing.
As I investigated the area around the kill site I found two snapped trees marking the area.
I wont come out and say this was a Bigfoot, but some of the evidence leans toward it.
In the last couple of weeks strange events have occurred in the habitation site. There are new tree structures. The last time we were in the site we had a stone thrown into the base camp. Now the killing of a calf.
We are planing to be in the site this weekend do get some more information. This last incident happened not more than 500 yards behind the landowners home.