Friday, April 4, 2014

Vocalzation reported south of Milton Kentucky!

On April 2 2014  I Thomas Shay received a phone call from a gentleman who lives south of Milton Kentucky who's name he dose not wish to be known. But have on file.
He stated to me via phone of strange howls coming from a holler on his property and he knew it wasn't dogs or coyotes. He described the howls as mournful and some aggressive at times and this happen on March 30 2014 at around 10:00 pm.
So I made arrangements to meet with him that evening April 2 2014. on his property.
After arriving around 9:30 pm. we set and talked more of the incident and around 11:00 pm we heard the first vocalizations of the night which continued off and on till around 1:30 am.
By 2:00 am we didn't hear  any more vocals and I ended the investigation.
 I know this gentleman personally he is a avid hunter and woods man and doesn't believe in a hairy
bipedal creature walking around in the woods of Trimble county .
After hearing the vocals he stated that that there may be something to the stories he has heard over the years.
The next day April  3 2014 I received  another report of hearing strange howls in the area.
We were granted permission to investigate the property after the spring Turkey season was over for our safety.
 the area has several reports of sightings and vocals over the years,