Tuesday, April 1, 2014

sighting/encounter Morgan Monroe State forestry in Indiana

Todays date 3-31-14

Date of encounter or sighting 5-4-12

Name: Robert "Wolfman" Bratcher

Contact information 746 N. Mckinley Ave
Clarksville IN 47129

Email Address: rbratche@twc.com

location of sighting/encounter Morgan Monroe State forestry in Indiana in the overflow camping area

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place 2am
What was the weather conditions Clear and full moon

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. Our first Sasquatch encounter was Thursday May 4th 2012 on the boarder between Morgan and Monroe counties in the Indiana state forestry.  My wife and I were camped out in the old camp ground back by the logging/fire road with the area to ourselves.  All night while cooking and eating and setting by the fire we keep hearing something large moving behind out camp but out of sight for the fire.  After bedding down I came at 2AM to relieve myself.  Standing there I looked over to our SUV and saw something standing on the other side of it.  At first I thought is was a tree until it moved away from the tree and closer to the car and was just standing there swaying back and forth.  It’s waist came up to the roof of the car where my shoulders hit and I’m 6foot.  This put this things height at 8-9 feet tall.  I ran and grabbed my LED super bright flash light and shined it right on a large hair cover creature.  It immediately ran by me stepping over the 3.5 foot high road gate like it wasn’t even there and ran behind our tent into the woods.  The creature/being ran so fast I couldn’t keep track on it with my light.  About 30mins to an hour later we heard two loud knocks and several small rocks began hitting out tent.  This went on for about an hour as we set on our cots looking out.  Then one big rock hit with such force that it ripped our tent roof open through the rain fly and this was a brand new Coleman tent used for the first time... and it was a 200 dollar tent! The next morning I found the trail and partial prints of something about 30 feet behind our tent, and the bark of root of the tree where I thought I saw that figure had been torn off where something stepped on it!  It was a fresh tear as it was still oozing sap that next morning.  So after all that we packed up and came home, wife and I scared to stay another night.  I know that was a squatch in the woods that night... he owes me a tent... and new underwear for us both!  Attached are pictures of an 18inch prints we found.  This scared the crap out of us but also addicted us on squatching.  We have since returned to that same area over the last two years and had multiple encounters.

Were there any witness Laura Bratcher wife.

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? no

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous Permission to use as you deem appropriate. I thought it was about time I added this t your data base.