Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mr. Jackson shares more information about Bigfoot and Trimble county KY.

 long ago I used to go hunting for Bigfoot all over the Corn Creek area and up through the Mt. Pleasant area. I would always have some sort of gun with me, because of what I'd heard before. Of course I never saw anything at all. The trouble was I knew for fact something was out there. Something that most people wouldn't even begin to think could be. It bothered me and I wanted to prove it to the world. ...Later in life I've had to accept that man just might not be able to prove this Bigfoot to the world and there has to be a reason for that. We find tracks, have sightings, hear it and even have pictures and films. But, we never find a body, we never shoot and bring one down to produce a body. I've had to rethink the entire deal and came to terms with the idea it does have some kind of special senses, powers or something, if for nothing else my own peace of mind. As once I heard enough around here and talked to so many people that did see it, I went beyond just thinking it could be real to knowing for a fact indeed, there is something out there. And you can't convince those that have no experience there really is. Another interesting story, came from Gale Leach a farmer that lived in a rather remote location, at the end of Pryor's Fork road off Mt. Pleasant road. I was cutting tobacco for him in the early 1980's and we started talking about this "thing" that had been seen in Trimble Co. over the years. He said he had seen it more than once on a hillside over from his house. Then one night it came up to his house and fought with his two shepherd dogs, said it whipped them both and didn't take long to do it. He got up and saw it run away while shining a flashlight on it. He figured it might be some sort of gorilla that had escaped from being transported or something, which of course was what the newspaper were calling it, a 6 foot tall black gorilla, as Bigfoot wasn't a common term back when they started reporting it in 1962.