Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/13 /2014 Habituation site investigation

On December 13 2014 , Myself,  Tim Pierce and Travis Knuckles entered the habituation site around 11:00 am Rodney Adams was not able to join us due to having a severe cold
 Upon reaching the gifting area. We found to our surprise that the peanut butter jar that was taped to the tree was missing the tape that we use is Polyken 231 Military Grade Duct Tape with the Tensile Strength: 50 pounds per inch (longitudinal) and the jar is taped to the tree with 5 to 6 layers in which the only way to remove is to cut the tape. Also the can of potted meat that was taped to the tree was open by the pull tape. Also a can of tuna was found several feet from the Gifting site   All the other items such as glow sticks and squeaky toys and tennis balls were not disturbed
Upon noticing the peanut jar missing we searched the area and found know trace of it or the tape.
  We have been talking about moving our base camp and on this trip we did the location over looks two valleys and a draw.
Video cameras were set up in different areas and left running and audio recorders. Which means a lot of evidence to review. But this day was uneventful due to in being the first day of muzzle loading season but the day wasn't a complete wipe out as we search the area and found new structures that had been erected which were photograph and documented.
Myself and Rodney have been discussing doing a experiment which involved building our on Tee Pee and X structures and placing a trail cam to monitor what kind of response we would get. with the help of Tim and Travis we constructed one Travis placed a trail cam high in a tree to record any activity and Myself and Tim placed another jar of peanut butter and other goodies in this structure and we will return periodically to review the trail cams and check for any signs of evidence.
We will post our  findings as soon as they come available